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Re: Syndicate: 0g rotterdam - who is Paul Treanor?

zeroglab@freemail.c3.hu (Wed 04/07/99 at 08:25 PM +0200):

> t byfield wrote in  Re: Syndicate: Re: Treanor FAQ:
> ... coming from the US, which is drowning in conspiratorial litera-
> ture, this document is quite interesting. would i be very wrong
> to think that it's the dutch equivalent? ...
> well I think, it is more than Yet Another Conspiracy Theory, however I have
> only just a first fast  impression of mr. Treanor's site, it shows a a big
> pie from the quite complex Europe problematic, identity problems economics,
> planning, etc.

i didn't mean to suggest that US-style conspiracy theories are
the ur-model of this phenomenon; one could just as easily ask
if they are the US equivalent of treanor's worldview. much of
what he says is interesting, definitely, and articulate too.
but it all points to the same conclusion: everything is always
the same, limited to the same, limited by the same, revisions
of the same. malthusianism run amok, philosophy as incest.

> And Europe gets a face lift (a kind of) on a way right now in Kosovo.

big time. strange things are happening everywhere: the US press
is only now venturing the first meek opinion polls, the advocates
of 'pan-arabism' are utterly silent, etc. i think this, finally,
is the end of the cold war: a multilateral war in europe but not
a whisper about nuclear war. 


> (catastrophe-tourist is a translation of the duch "ramp-turist" which
> expression is used in Holland for people who usually gather at the spot of
> natural / traffic / or other kind of accidences and other human misery)
> btw. Is there some equivalent for  "ramp turist" in US english?

sort of: there's 'eco-tourism,' 'catastrophe tourism,' etc. gawking
at accidents is 'rubbernecking.' but best of all was the central 
american name for do-good leftists who wanted to 'help' the local 
indigenous populations: Sandalistas.

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