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Syndicate: 0g rotterdam - who is Paul Treanor?

by 0g art lab rotterdam

t byfield wrote in  Re: Syndicate: Re: Treanor FAQ:

... coming from the US, which is drowning in conspiratorial litera-
ture, this document is quite interesting. would i be very wrong
to think that it's the dutch equivalent? ...


well I think, it is more than Yet Another Conspiracy Theory, however I have
only just a first fast  impression of mr. Treanor's site, it shows a a big
pie from the quite complex Europe problematic, identity problems economics,
planning, etc.

And Europe gets a face lift (a kind of) on a way right now in Kosovo.

I am just reading the part : The defects of European spatial planning.

However I don't think he is a day by day cyber activist in the sense of te
US style political correctness, but definetly a "deep-european" on a way,
not on a "catastrophe-tourist" level.

(catastrophe-tourist is a translation of the duch "ramp-turist" which
expression is used in Holland for people who usually gather at the spot of
natural / traffic / or other kind of accidences and other human misery)

btw. Is there some equivalent for  "ramp turist" in US english?


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