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Syndicate: Europe, evil, and Californian ideologies

I realise that this list is not the best place to criticise liberal
ideology. Some subscribers have actively promoted cyber-liberalism in
Europe. But, a general comment...

I asked Micz Flor to close down the Akut Opinion Forum/ Meinungsforum,
run by Netbase t0. It is being used for racist and fascist mail. (It is
hard to call it "propaganda", the postings are so stupid, that they
would convince nobody). Micz Flor recognises, that the Forum is an
expression of Netbase support for absolute free speech.

The ideology of free speech is a powerful ideology. It is backed by the
worlds only remaining superpower, the United States of America. It is
enforced in Europe by US troops and air-power. It is promoted in
Europeby the financial power of US organisations such as the Soros
Foundation. It is a fundamental value for all US-Americans, from General
Clarke to Naom Chomsky.

BUT... It is an essentially European ideology, an
essentially European evil. It is not "the Americans' fault". Free speech

is part of the historical effect of Europe. It is one of the great
historical evils, which Europe has inflicted on the world, along with
the free market and the nation state.

All the United States has done, in a long historical persepctive, is to
amplify certain essential European values. The United States is the
product of Europe. When it intervenes in Europe, it imposes something
which was European anyway. So in that sense the free-speech ideologists
at Netbase or Help B92, are not bringing a "Californian Ideology". I
think that any consideration of their ideology, during the present war
and crisis, should take account of that.
Paul Treanor

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