Adele Eisenstein on Wed, 7 Apr 1999 14:00:13 +0200 (METDST)

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Re:routing belgrade meeting

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:

> dear friends,
> there are plenty of questions regarding what was going to be the syndicate
> meeting in belgrade in april. i will respond to some of them from my
> perspective - let's try and come to some sort of conclusion in the next
> days.
> adele writes about the possibility of doing a public event in budapest on
> 14-15 april; to be honest, i am against changing the dates of the syndicate
> meeting which were fixed ages ago; for me, a change of dates would cause
> problems, and i guess that the public event could be done independently of
> the syndicate meeting?

Sure it could, Andreas, but this would be a great opportunity - and it
would be great to have here some of the people like Katarina, (Dejan???),
as well as activists from other places - and someone (like you...) to
represent the loose collective of the Syndicate, to explain our initiative
(perhaps Florian as well? Olia?)...

It is confirmed as of last night that 14 April (20:00 ?) in the Trafo:
House of Contemporary Artists, the premiere performance and cultural house
in Budapest, we will organise a round-table discussion with our Serbian
guests (Apsolutno 1/2 / pola, and Nana and Zana/CybeRex...) together with
leading Hungarian journalists specialised in Yugoslavia, and
representatives of various organisations... I have also just confirmed
that a representative of the Hungarian Association of Vojvodina will take
part. This will be a perfect press/media bombarding opportunity.

The organisers of the Trafo (which is a very good connection for artists
to have - good for Syndicate...) were very enthusiastic about hosting the
Syndicate Meeting there as well...

It also seems that there is a very good possibility for inserting a
Serbian video programme (centered around the Low-Fi compilation of Cinema
Rex, as well as other works Zana has brought) at the end of the current
Central/Eastern European Film Festival (short films) at the BBS/Toldi
Cinema, on the 15 April.

I cannot stress enough how much we could use these opportunities to our
advantage - if only some of you could come at such short notice...
(between 13-16 April?) perhaps by train/bus/car where possible...

> i feel that the urgency for getting together and trying for discussing some
> of the situation would be very good, and i suggest that we take up the
> c3-offer to host a meeting in budapest. i would be in favour of sticking
> with the original core dates 22-24, with the possibility of early arrivals
> and late departures, so that we can maybe plan to be at c3 from 21-25.
> i had news from APEX saying that they were going to give a grant to
> CyberREX for some travels to belgrade, and that we could also use the money
> to meet up in budapest. i don't know whether these are grants for specific

This is also great news, Andreas. Any more information as of yet?

We would ask that you all let us know asap who might be able to come at
such short notice and who definitely cannot.

on the part of A&A