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Syndicate: Talbotãs Visit to Gr

Mr Talbot couldn't understand why 99.5% of Greeks are against bombardments.
There is always this confusion. ANTI-WAR feelings does not mean
PRO-MILOSEWITZ!!! Of course there is an anti-Serb propaganda. But there is
something that should be done towards a better and wider information thru
TV ,radio stations and newspapers concerning all the aspects of this war.
Here in Greece, although we do not participate in the raids, in order NATO
to bomb needs Greece's approval too. No-one officially from the goverment
said anything about that. Of course there are other political reasons of
doing this which I understand but I do not always agree. To finish,
tomorrow at Belgrade a football game between AEK (Greek team) and Partizan
(Yugoslav) will take place in order to send an anti-war message.

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