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(Fwd) Re: Syndicate: Re: URGENT call for AID to Blace! (fwd)

Dear all,

I was trying to stay as much away as it is possilble from this e-mailings on the NATO-attacks on 
Yu, but the last e-mail from Zoran Petrovski, as a respond of this e-mail:

> dear all,
> i got a response to my urgent plea which is shocking - and asks to be anonymous...
> Adele
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Sun, 04 Apr 1999 17:41:20 +0200
> Blace is 23 kilometres from Skopje. If people are dying in fields, it is partly the responsibility of the 
Macedonian government. They are obviously prevented from walking to Skopje.<<

especially his sentence:

>>Taking over part of the responsibility [of NATO countries and EU and USA, N.V.], but only from a 
distance "is such an elegant way of being morally correct". <<

reminded me on a sentence said by our friend Dejan Sretenovic when in 1994 he and the Yu art scene 
were 'attacked' from some French artists that they are not responding on the Bosnian war [in a 
sense of: painting dead bodies, I assume, as I was asked by Nikki Diana Marquard from NDM 
gallery in Paris - why there are no such art iconography in Macedonia, too, in the mid1994, when 
she was preparing the exhibition 'Europe Rediscovered' in Copenhagen], and than the Frenchmen 
overtook the action to show them how to do that, he simply answered [as he told me later]: 


In all these past years I could not forget the power and the truth of these words. Therefore I 
would like to actualize them again...

Of course, this is not addressed to the friends and people from syndicate, because of one single 
reason: they are not reach, and therefore, I assume again, there is still some human sense left 
inside of them.

greetings from still not bombed skopje and macedonia.

Nebojsa Vilic, Ph.D.
Faculty of Drama Arts
University 'SS. Cyril and Methodius'
Ruger Boskovic b.b. / P.O.Box 134
MK-91000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel. 389 91 37 05 96

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