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Re: Syndicate: Re: Treanor FAQ

abroeck@v2.nl (Tue 04/06/99 at 03:31 PM +0100):

> who is Paul Treanor? his extensive website does not seem to offer a CV.

i know only that he's the author of the rather claim 'cities 
are for change, not for people.' which sounds quite vanguard at
first, until you realize that people and change aren't mutually
exclusive--unless you're the author of the statement. since (i
assume) he prefers people to change, he must not like change
very much. which might explain why his 'faq' devotes so much
effort to interpreting various kinds of human associations as 
signs of guilt in a framework of total cybernetic control. 

coming from the US, which is drowning in conspiratorial litera-
ture, this document is quite interesting. would i be very wrong
to think that it's the dutch equivalent?

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