andreas broeckmann on Thu, 21 Jan 1999 13:58:51 +0200

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Syndicate: ... forward to Belgrade in april

>From: honor <>
>>the other good news is that the belgrade meeting is going ahead, dejan and
>>katarina in belgrade and branka in novi sad are making plans for us, and we
>>should start getting ready for the meeting and the spring excursion.
>do you have a vague idea about dates at this stage (even just a general
>idea of what month)?

the dates of the video festival that the SCCA and CyberREX are organising
in belgrade are april 22-24, and suggestion was to hold a syndicate meeting
there on wednesday, april 21 late afternoon/evening, and to move on to novi
sad (80 kilometres to the north) at the weekend and have a more informal
get-together there on sunday, 25th. i understood from branka that she is
organising a workshop for the following week and may want to ask some
people to stick around for that.

there is, as yet, no response from other people in the region who want to
bring people from belgrade to, say, arad, sofia, skopje, zagreb, etc.