andreas broeckmann on Thu, 21 Jan 1999 12:26:00 +0200

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Syndicate: still no newsletter ... forward to Belgrad

dear friends,

there is still no new newsletter which i normally write every month. i
haven't been too lucky with my computers lately, the new second hand
replacement for the stolen one crashed on tuesday and is now in limbo
between the hospital and the morgue. it means that i would have to
laboriously retrieve the info from the www archive which will cost more
than a few hours, i'm afraid. if somebody else would have the time to take
over for a couple of rounds, i'd be more than happy about this. i think
that the newsletter is a very useful medium for the list, so we should
definitely continue producing it regularly.

the good news is that arthur is currently putting the last touches to the
v2_east/syndicate website update which should go online in the next days
and which will serve some of the functions that the newsletter has, esp.
offering a good overview over past, present and future events.

the other good news is that the belgrade meeting is going ahead, dejan and
katarina in belgrade and branka in novi sad are making plans for us, and we
should start getting ready for the meeting and the spring excursion.
something that remains tricky is the political situation, but we should
just assume that we'll get there somehow, and that we can visit our
yugoslav friends. it would be good to know who is planning to come to
belgrade, so maybe you can raise your hands, send a message to
<> and to me <>, and let us know, what
your ideas and plans are for the meeting.

the other useful info would be what the best way of travelling will be,
cheap flights, train routes, how best to obtain the visa, etc. if anybody
has information about these things, please, post them or send them to me
and i'll compile a yugo-traveller's guide.

greetings from a very immobile, large mac in rotterdam,