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Syndicate: "An Image Should Always Be Read Twice" (Lsa42)

"An Image Should Always Be Read Twice" (Lsa42)
La Société Anonyme

A review:

Some fragments of it:
'An Image Should Always Be Read Twice (LSA42)' is allied directly to
Connemara Landscape, a work produced by James Coleman in 1980.
Nevertheless, this is a non-conformist and rebellious allegiance which
rereads the original work in an intentionally subversive way.
"Connemara Landscape, 1980, is to be experienced as a projected image. The
artist kindly requests that the image is not photographed or visually
recorded ". (James Coleman)
For a start, "An image Should Always Be Read Twice (Lsa42)" places the
forbidden object in public circulation, reproducing the projection whose
position in the regulated space of the museum prevented it from being
photographed or recorded. La Société Anonyme photographed (perhaps
illicitly) the projected image and a reproduction has now been placed
within reach of anyone.
The main point is that with this act, the cycle which Coleman's prohibition
had paralysed, the process of reading, has been reactivated. "An image
should always be read twice".

Please, read it twice.