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Syndicate: BLASTforum: Artistic Practice in the Network

<eyebeam><blast> ARTISTIC PRACTICE IN THE NETWORK a critical forum
presented by Eyebeam Atelier and the X Art Foundation
February 1 - April 30, via mailing list
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This forum aims to further a critical discourse on artistic practices in
the global communications network. It concerns practices that employ
networking technologies as a means of critically reflecting on contemporary
societies.  Featuring an international group of scholars, critics, and
artists, this virtual symposium maps the clashes and exchanges of cultures,
uncovering the historical and material currents that jostle below
user-friendly interfaces.  Articulating changing modes of perception,
representation, and identification, the forum will develop new
possibilities for artistic and critical intervention.
~moderator~ JORDAN CRANDALL, founding editor of Blast and director of the X
Art Foundation, New York
~hosts~ CARLOS BASUALDO, poet and curator based in New York, senior editor
of TRANS> and regular contributor to Artforum
ANDREAS BROECKMANN, project manager and researcher at V2_Organisation
Rotterdam and coordinator of the V2_East/Syndicate network initiative,
which facilitates media art-related exchange and co-operation across Europe
BRIAN HOLMES, cultural critic and translator living in Paris, English
editor for the theoretical publications of Documenta X, including
_Documenta X ö The Book_
EVE ANDRÆ?E LARAMÆ?E, Professor of Sculpture at Sarah Lawrence College,
currently developing a project for the List Center at MIT on an alternate
history of digital culture
OLU OGUIBE, Chair in African Art at University of South Florida; Convenor
of the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale conference; co-editor of Nka: Journal of
Contemporary African Art
GREGORY ULMER, Professor of English and Media Studies at University of
Florida; books include _Heuristics: The Logic of Invention_ and
_Teletheory: Grammatology in the Age of Video._
~with~ ALEXANNE DON and ALAN SONDHEIM, lecturer and theorist living in
Japan, researching emailing lists and online communities
~invited guests~ [Feb 2-8] OKWUI ENWEZOR, critic, curator, Artistic
Director of the 2nd Johannesburg Biennale, founding editor of Nka: Journal
of Contemporary African Art
LEV MANOVICH, artist and theorist, currently writing _The Engineering of
Vision from Constructivism to Computer,_ a history of the social and
cultural origins of computer technologies
[Feb 9-15] N. KATHERINE HAYLES, Professor of English at UCLA, author of the
forthcoming book _How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics,
Literature, and Informatics_
[Feb 16-22] SASKIA SASSEN, Professor of Urban Planning at Columbia
University, author of works on urbanism and the global economy including
_Losing Control? Sovereignty in an Age of Globalisation_
[Feb 23-Mar 1] MARGARET MORSE, Assoc. Professor of Film, Video and New
Media at UC Santa Cruz, author of the forthcoming book _Virtualities:
Television, Media Art, and Cyberculture_
[Mar 2-8] MARTIN JAY, Professor of History at UC Berkeley; emphasis on
visual culture and European intellectual history; books include _Downcast
Eyes: The Denigration of Vision in 20th Century French Thought_
[Mar 9-15] TIM JORDAN, author of _Cyberpower: The Culture and Politics of
Cyberspace and the Internet_   MATTHEW SLOTOVER, editor of Frieze magazine,
[Mar 16-22] KELLER EASTERLING, Asst. Professor of Architecture at Columbia
University, developing architectures of active organizations
KEN GOLDBERG, artist working in robotics and telepresence, editor of the
forthcoming book _The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemology
on the Net_
[Mar 23-29] PETER WEIBEL, artist, media theorist, curator at the Neue
Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria
GEERT LOVINK and PIT SCHULTZ, media theorists/activists, founders of
nettime, a forum for net criticism and cultural politics
[Mar 26-30] URSULA BIEMANN, curator at the Shedhalle Zurich, focus on
representational politics in the electronic media
[Mar 30-Apr 5] KNOWBOTIC RESEARCH, artist team, recent projects include
I0_DENCIES--questioning urbanity in Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Berlin, which
locates the urban realm in terms of hybrid network flows
HANS-ULRICH OBRIST, curator, recent exhibitions include Cities on the Move
at Vienna Secession (with Hou Hanru), which explores the socio-cultural
implications of urbanization in Asian cities
WOLFGANG STAEHLE, artist, founder of The Thing, a network based in New York
and Vienna
YUKIKO SHIKATA, art critic and curator at Artlab, Tokyo; Japan editor of
World Art
[Apr 5-6] BRACHA LICHTENBERG-ETTINGER, artist, theorist, and psychoanalyst
working in Paris and Tel Aviv
[Apr 6-12] FRANKLIN SIRMANS, critic, US Editor of Flash Art; coeditor of
_Transforming the Crown: African, Asian, and Caribbean Artists in Britain_
MARK TRIBE, artist, founder of the web publication Rhizome and the media
stock library StockObjects
[Apr 13-19] CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE, artists/media activists, authors of _The
Electronic Disturbance_
[Apr 20-26] RAVI SUNDARAM, Research Fellow, Centre for the Study of
Developing Societies, Delhi, India; current research  on globalization, new
technocultures, and the reworking of the national imaginary in South Asia
OLADÆ?LÆ? AJIBOYÆ? BAMGBOYÆ?, artist whose work concerns Nigerian life and the
politics of African identity
[Apr 27-30] COCO FUSCO, artist, curator, author of _English is Broken Here:
Notes on Cultural Fusion in the Americas_
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