edi muka on Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:57:23 +0100

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Syndicate: situation in albania

here is some more on the situation in Albania.
the trouble is over in Shkodra. it ended up in a positive way. regular
police forces didn't respond to the provocations and behaved carefully.
two people from the armed group are under arrest and they weren't
released despite the big pressure put on the ministry of interior from
the ex president Berisha. it is true that the governemnt lost something
internally by not being able to avoid the incident from the beginning, but
their carefull handling of the situation gave them a lot of support
internationally and later even internally. all the visiting groups from
OSCE, and a group of eurodeputies supported the government and their
actions. by a smart move the minister of interior involved the
international police groups that are in Albania to help reorganizing the
Albanian police and now they are going to take care of the
reorganization of police forces in Shkodra. By this move Berisha was
really cut out of any kind of support. now it is publicly known that he
cannot damage seriously because he is lacking support from people.
yesterday a group of high eurodeputies arrived in Albania to discuss
the process of Albanian constitution. after meeting with the
president, the political forces, and the commision for the constitution,
they approved the steps taken until now from the government and some of
the right wing parties which are in favour of the constitution. after
that they had a closed meeting with Berisha, and today, before they
leave, they are going to give their opinion on the situation and the
further steps to be taken.

that's all for the moment,

all the best, edi.

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