edi muka on Wed, 21 Jan 1998 13:17:42 +0100

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Syndicate: from albania

here's some bad news from albania.

Yesterday it was a very tensed situation. In Shkodra, the bigest city
north of Albania, a group of ex-policeman, all corrupted and involved
with smugling and kontrabands, after being fired from their positions,
started shooting in the city. A fight between this group and the forces
that came from Tirana took place for several hours. Two policeman from
the regular troops were wounded and two of troublemakers were arrested.
The situation remained tensed during all the night. It is thought that
Berisha, the head of DP is involved in this game, which not by chance
coincided with the visit of a group of eurodeputies that were visiting
Tirana to bring the political forces together to discuss about the
Anyway the situation is not out of control, but still very tensed. Today
the political forces of Shkodra have gathered and issued a statement.
Further developments are expected. It is the most fierce attack against
democracy and institutions in Albania since the last elections in June
29, last year.
Hopefully this will pass along and we won't find ourselves in front of
another chaos.

talk to you soon,

all the best,