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Syndicate: Wiretap 4.01: Cinema without Walls

V2_Organisation and Exploding Cinema/Int. Film Festival Rotterdam present:

Wiretap 4.01: Cinema without Walls

Date: 		Sunday 1 February 1998
Time: 		14.00 hrs.
Place:		Theater Lantaren/Venster, Gouvernestraat 33, Rotterdam

Speakers: 		Toni Dove (US), Michael Naimark (US) and Simon
Penny (US)
Moderator: 	John Wyver (UK)

Language: 		English
Tickets: 		fl. 10,-

Reservations:	IFFR, tel.010-2331400 (from 23 January)

Cinema without Walls

Wiretap 4.01 is part of a series of monthly programmes organised by V2_ and
is presented in the context of the International Film Festival Rotterdam
and its Exploding Cinema programme. Exploding Cinema investigates the areas
where cinema meets and merges with new media and other art disciplines.

Wiretap 4.01 is related to the exhibition 'Cinema without Walls' which
shows three interactive art works and which offers a strong cinematographic
experience. This exhibition is a co-operation between V2_ and the
International Film Festival Rotterdam and can be visited in the V2_Building
>from Thursday 29 January until Saturday 7 February.

The exhibiting artists are:

Michael NAIMARK with 'Be Now Here (Welcome to the Neighborhood)', a
gigantic panoramic film experience about four culturally endangered cities
in the world;

Toni DOVE with 'Artificial Changelings', in which the visitor can approach
the main character and interact with the narrative on several levels of
psychological intensity;

DILLER & SCOFIDIO with 'Indigestion', in which the public can put together
conflictuous dinner companies of people with different social, political
and cultural backgrounds

All three works make use of dynamic narrative structures whose evolvement
is dependent on the behaviour of the public.

***The exhibition takes place in the V2_Building, Eendrachtsstr.10,
Rotterdam. The show will be opened on 29 January, 16.00 hrs, by the
director of the Film Festival, Simon Field, and can be visited daily until
7 February.


Wiretap 4.01: Cinema without Walls

The greatest strength of cinema might be the way in which it can impose its
temporal structure onto the public, and the way in which montage and
narrative structure force the viewer into giving up his or her active
engangement with the events. In contrast, interactive narrative
environments seek to combine these characteristics of cinema with more open
structures and a communicative relation with the public. The new generation
of computer games like Blade Runner and Riven are further examples for this

During the Wiretap 4.01 programme, Michael NAIMARK and Toni DOVE will
present the works that are included in the Exploding Cinema exhibition and
will talk about their interest in interactive cinema. The structure of the
work, the relation with traditional cinema and the specific qualities and
weaknesses of interactive cinema are themes for the following discussion.

As a special guest, the Australian-American artist Simon PENNY has been
invited to talk about his most recent work, 'FUGITIVE', which was premiered
at the Multimediale 6 of the ZKM in Karlsruhe/D in October 1997. Fugitive
is a 360 degree cinematographic environment in which video images are
closely coupled with the behaviour of the visitor. From the behavioural
analysis, Penny developed a scenario for the real-time editing of images.
'Central concerns were to problematise rhetorics of immersion and to
complexify the spatial interactive experience by analysing user dynamics
rather than simple position data. This results in an experience in which
the key contiuity is embodiment-through-time rather than the illusion of a
coherent virtual space.' (Simon Penny is Associate Professor of Art and
Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA/USA.)

The Wiretap programme will be presented by John WYVER (Illuminations,

After the presentations there will be an opportunity to visit the
exhibition together with the artists.

***This Wiretap programme takes place at Theater Lantaren/Venster,
Gouvernestraat 33, Rotterdam.

***Reservations can be made from 23 January onwards at the IFFR ticket
office, tel.+31-10-2331400.


For further information about the Film Festival and Exploding Cinema:


Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
tel: +31.10.4046427

Wiretap 4.01 is supported by the Rotterdam Art Foundation and by the
International Film Festival Rotterdam. V2_Organisation is supported by the
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and by the City of Rotterdam,
Culture Department.