Katerina Pavlickova on Mon, 27 Jan 1997 12:40:05 +0100

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Internet discussion

Dear syndicates,

the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts-Prague invites you to the
Internet discussion on the problem of the "public space" in today´s
society. The discussion accompanies the SCCA´s fourth annual
exhibition entitled "An Artwork in Public Space" that is going to take
place in various places of the Czech Republic in the course of 1997.
The aim of the project is to show artworks outside the strict confines
of the gallery premises and thus confront contemporary art with wide
audiences in their everyday life. The whole event will be accompanied
with a series of lectures, seminars and discussions (including the one
on the Internet). In the end contributions will be compiled into a

The aim of the Internet discussion is to seek answers to the following

1. What role does contemporary art play in life of today´s  society?
2. Is there any public space today - a space for an open social
3. What specific meaning does the notion of the "public"
bear today?
4. Where is the border between the "private" and the
"public" in contemporary society?
5. Can contemporary art contribute to the formation of the historical
face of towns?
6. And, eventually, will the Internet prove effective in this kind of discussion?

Certainly, many other questions will emerge in the course of the
event. We look forward to hearing your opinions and ideas coming from
different corners of the world!!!

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Internet discussion:

Greetings from Prague,

Katerina Pavlickova

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