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6CYBERCONF - call for papers

abroeck writes:

6CYBERCONF takes place at The University of Oslo, Norway, June 5th -
9th, 1997. 


We live part-time in cyberspace already. The Sixth International
Conference on Cyberspace addresses the social, political and cultural
implications of cyberspace from a  critical standpoint. In the nets,
there is a growing that ranges from researchers to Silicon  Valley
sophisticates to cyberpunks. 6CYBERCONF offers the opportunity for
exchange  within and between these confluent and diverse interests and
encourages discussion  between theoreticians and practitioners. 
Hosted for the second time in Europe (more information on 5CYBERCONF),
this sixth edition of CYBERCONF considers computer-human interface
breakthroughs, our fascination and weariness with disobedient
technology, the role of synthetic behaviour in virtual design, and the
increasing importance of cross-cultural contributions to the electronic

In addition to the conference there will be two main events: 

      an interactive art exhibition: e~on 
      a public panel debate (with key note speakers and special guest) 

The themes are:

CYBERSPACE METAPHOR?     The cyberspace metaphor is a our means of
effecting instantaneous fusion of two  seperate realms of experience
(man/machine, good/bad, self/world) into one  illuminating, iconic,
encapsulating image. Is the metaphor still a way to proceed from  the
known to the unknown in cyberspace? Is the metaphor still actual and a
critical  synthesis of complex communications technologies, biosociality
or technosociality?  Which language for the virtual age? Or is
cyberspace a paradise-lost story? 

INTER-ACTION                            The rapid development of
Internet and WWW have limited the definition of interaction  as the
click of the mouse. How can interaction become a mutual and
simultaneous  activitiy on the part of the participants? How can
situated information technologies  become interactive events in art
and/or in education

BODIES IN CYBERSPACE          McLuhan argued that electronic media
reintegrated the senses. How are bodies  represented through information
technology? How cyberspace give prority to the lower  sense senses?





To submit an abstract for the potential inclusion of your paper in the
6CYBERCONF, please
follow the following guidelines: 

Title of the paper: 
Institutional affiliation (if any): 
Chosen 6CYBERCONF theme (from the list): 
Abstract, 500 words maximum: 
Brief biography, 100 words maximum: 
Audio visual equipment requirements: 
Contact information (e-mail preferred): 

There are two ways to submit: 

    1.E-mail XXXX with the subject "XXXX", or 
    2.mail both a printed copy and a PC or Mac diskette to the address
given below. 

The selection will be done by an international and a local committee
made up of academics, theorists, artists and technicians in the field. 
Submission of an abstract indicates the submitter?s intention and
capability to write and present the corresponding, full length paper, if
Papers will be allotted a half hour for presentation in English. Please
be advised that the selection committees will not consider abstracts
that are not formatted as stated above nor papers that have been
previously published. 

All abstracts and papers will be published in the proceedings (paper and
Web edition). 


Deadline for reception of abstracts: March 10, 1997
Notification of selection for presentation: April 10, 1997
Deadline for registration: May 1, 1997