Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 20 Jan 1997 17:41:53 +0100

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website for video and new media art festivals

Paris, the 15 january 1997


video and new media art festivals on the Internet

We are preparing to launch a web site exclusively dedicated to video and
digital media festivals.It aims to become a real working tool for persons
interested in these areas: artists, researchers, students or professionals.
The olala site is conceived as an international database on festivals and
will regularly be updated with:

-pre-programs and festival themes
-calls for submission and deadlines for participation
-useful contacts
-links to existing festival sites
-comments on the festivals and short press revues
-a discussion forum for comments and suggestions

We want the site to be as fluid and dynamic as possible. Different search
criteria, such as calendar or location will be proposed. We wish this tool
to be adapted to the needs of  users and to adapt to current events.

For these reasons, while we are working on the project, we would be very
happy to receive your remarks, suggestions, comments or encouragements.

For the moment, we are searching all forms of  partnership or  sponsorship:
-festival organisers
-specific announcers
-organisms related to these fields of activity

If you feel concerned by this project,your comments would interest me very
much, for instance:

1)what kind of web-tool would be usefull to you as a
curator/videomaker/artist? what would you expect from it?
2)if you have contacts of persons organizing festivals you find
interesting, or festivals that you recommend ,we'd be very happy of the

You can send your comments to the following adress:

Pia Reunala & Lorraine Le Tac
video and new media festival site
e-mail    :
fax       : 33-1-43540231
          / 33-1-49260418
snail-mail: 7, rue Dupuytren,
            75006, Paris  France