Andreas Broeckmann on Fri, 29 Nov 1996 17:55:32 +0100

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Leonardo solicitation

from Rhizome Digest:


Date: 11.23.96
From: Roy Ascott (100143.100@CompuServe.Com)
Subject: Leonardo solicitation

In 1997 LEONARDO will be celebrating its 30th year of publication! As an
editorial board member I have been asked to actively seek out and
solicit articles in two particular areas of interest, which Leonardo
wishes to focus on in its 30th volume.

1. Artists' writings: Artists' Articles (3000-5000 words), Artists'
Notes (2500 words) and Artists' Statements (500-750 words).

2. Art and Genetics/Art and the New Biologies:  We will be featuring
this theme throughout the 1997 volume.  Articles by artists, theorists
and historians investigating aspects of genetics, genesis of form, etc.
are sought.

Articles may be submitted directly to me at