zina on Sat, 30 Nov 1996 08:36:24 +1100

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To: zina@world.net
Subject: lift_world
From: zina@world.net
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 08:36:24 +1100

 y o u   S H O U L D   g e t   o u t    m o r e   . . .

~and now you can !

see elevators and BOMB squads
  see AIRcraft and butoh and naked men
see asprin as you've never seen her before
  see the world in a mirror
see you
  see me

come see *lift_world* on saturday, this saturday
        30 november 10.30pm australian est

see the world


you will need soft_ware. softWare? we HAVE soft_where ...
*CU See-Me* is available for trial on several platforms from

for a more comprehensive list of What you might need and Where you might find it

we will broadcast the IP number for the performance on saturday

30 november 01.30am hawaii
                      02.30am alaska
                      03.30am los angeles
                      05.30am guatemala
                      06.30am new york
                      08.30am brazil
                      11.30am british isles
                      12.30pm poland
                      01.30pm south africa
                      02.30pm moscow
                      05.00pm india
                      06.30pm thailand
                      07.30pm beijing
                      08.30 japan
                      10.30pm australian est
31 november 12.30am new zealand
this project is assisted by the art research development fund
of the australian network for art and technology, a devolved
grant programme of the australia council.

anti-destination society, po box 950, darlinghurst nsw 2010, australia
voice lounge: + 61 2 263 4625

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