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Call - Impakt festival Utrecht May 1997

Impakt festival
for audiovisual arts, Utrecht
Film/Video/Music/Installations/Multi-media events
The 8th Impakt festival will be organized from May 7 to 11, 1997 in
Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Impakt is an international festival for innovative audiovisual arts. The
festival is a showcase for avantgarde film, video art, music,
installations, performances and multi media events. Lectures and
exhibitions complete the programme.

With its unique approach to the audiovisual arts the Impakt festival
clearly distinguishes itself  from other festivals. To push creative
frontiers forward, a historic perspective or context is essential.
Therefore we put great effort in the presentation of contemporary art in
combination with works from the past. We believe that similarities between
artforms are more important than differences and we try to stimulate the
interaction between the audiovisual arts as much as possible.

In 1997 Impakt will present several thematical programmes in which music,
film and video will be integrated. In one of these programmes we will
explore the influence of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze on
audiovisual artists. In another programme, called 'the Art of Destruction',
we will focus on artists intergrating destruction in their work.

The film- and video section of the festival consists of thematical
programmes, retrospectives and a Panorama programme.

In the retrospectives we present artists or movements we consider relevant
for present developments in contemporary art.
So far we have devoted special programmes to the works of, for instance,
Jay Rosenblatt, Bruce Conner, Derek Jarman, Gary Hill, Matthias Müller,
Marcel Broodthaers, William Wegman and the American Avantgarde film between
1921 and 1944.

The thematical programmes in the Impakt festival deal with important issues
and trends in art or society or with issues we feel should be brought to
the attention of a wide audience. In previous festivals we presented
programmes on the French philosopher Georges Bataille, the Pixel Vision
Camera, the use or rejection of the traditional camera perspective and the
concept of authorship in digital culture.

In the Panorama programme we show a high quality selection of recent film
and video productions. The programme gives an impression of the state of
the audiovisual arts world wide.
Send in your film or video and follow in the footsteps of Irit Batsry,
Jacky Farkas, Ian Kerkhof, Merel Mirage, Matthias Müller, Leighton Pierce,
Karola Schlegelmilch, Barbara Meter, Sluik/Kurpershoek, Dominic Angerame,
Tony Hill, Martin Arnold, Nelson Henricks, Cordelia Swann, Mike Hoolboom,
Jürgen Reble, Stefan Meichtry, Jo Pearson, Alison Murray, Joe Gibbons,
Karel Doing, Helen Stickler and many more.
An exhibition of installation pieces is also part of the Impakt festival.
The installations will be exhibited in various gallery spaces in the centre
of Utrecht. In the past Federico D'Orazio, Chris Hales, Beban and Horvatic,
Jaap de Jonge, Horst Rickels and others have presented their work.

In the music section of the Impakt festival, young talented musicians are
presented together with the pioniers of the avantgarde. The scope of the
musical programme is varied and ranges from electro-acoustic music to
experiments in popmusic and from multi-media performances to contemporary
carillon music. Sometimes musical events refer to each other within the
framework of a theme. 'Music and Space' is an example of a previous
thematic programme. In the past, our music programme has featured amongst
others Charlemagne Palestine, Max Eastley, Michel Waisvisz, Tony Conrad and
Ensemble, Lee Ranaldo, Von Magnet, Etant Donnés and Frances-Marie Uitti.
Call for entries to the Panorama programme

If you wish to participate in the Panorama programme please send us preview
tapes. We urge artists, producers and distributors to send us recent works
for selection purposes.
Our deadline for contributions is January 1st 1997, but we would
appreciate it if you could send us your work as soon as possible.

P.O. Box 735
3500 AS Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: + 31 30  2944 493
Fax: + 31 30  2944 163

[for the entry form, write to Impakt directly, or to <> - I
cut it from this message in order to keep it short; greetings, AB]