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RHIZOME: IDEA and Digital Worlds

from: RHIZOME DIGEST: November 22, 1996


Date: 11.17.96
From: Annick Bureaud (
Subject: IDEA online

I D E A goes Online


You have dreamt of it, we made it !

CHAOS is proud to announce the launch of the International Directory
of Electronic Arts on the Internet.

IDEA (the International Directory of Electronic Arts) started in 1990,
as a paper edition published by the French non-profit organization
CHAOS under the direction of Annick Bureaud. The current paper edition
has been released in 1995 in co-edition with the British publisher
John Libbey Media. The next one is scheduled for the Autumn 1997.

In 1996, IDEA goes Online.
IDEA online , bilingual French/English, is published by CHAOS with the
support of Le MÃ?tafort and the Ars Electronica Center and with the
technical collaboration of the French company AlternB.

IDEA is a unique resource tool world-wide.
Bilingual French-English, it has an international scope and lists
information in more than 50 countries in Europe, North and South
Americas, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

IDEA includes the actors of all kind in the field of art, science and
technology : organizations (non-profit organizations, museums,
galleries, art centres, centres for research and creation, festivals,
centres for scientific research, distribution companies, production
companies, fairs and trade shows, education institutions,
documentation centers, competition and conferences), artists, people
(theoreticians, critics, independent curators, scientists),

IDEA covers the whole range of artistic activities in this broad
domain of electronic art (video, holography, laser-light, networking
art, interactive art, computer animation, computer visual arts,
space-sky art, performing arts, computer literature, electronic music,
sound works, virtual reality, robotics, A. Life, etc.).

Each entry in IDEA includes the contact informations and a short
description of activities.


Would you wish to become partner of IDEA online or to advertise your
activities or events, contact us at

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Date: 11.16.96
From: Robbin Murphy (
Subject: PORT at MIT

artnetweb is pleased to announce PORT, an exhibition of networked
digital worlds on the Internet organized by artnetweb for the
MIT List Visual Arts Center, January 25 through March 29, 1997.

PORT will present scheduled time-based Internet projects by
individuals and groups projected into the Reference Gallery space
at the List Center that will also be accessible over the
Internet using a variety of technologies. PORT will run concurrently
with an installation by Joseph Kosuth in the adjoining main gallery

We see this not only as an opportunity to showcase artists
experimenting with new forms and ideas but also as a laboratory for
the development of models for future exhibitions. A Web site has been
created to provide information and to document the exhibition process.

The PORT Web site URL is:

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