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V2_East/Syndicate Newsletter 96/10

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/05

- Introduction
- Dates of upcoming events
- Updates (Refresh)

- General info about the Syndicate list
- Subscription

* Introduction *

Dear Syndicalists,

I wasn't sure whether there was actually much to put into this newsletter,
but going through the postings of the last two months it turns out that
there are quite a number of interesting events coming up, and the list
below is maybe also an encouragement for people to send to the list
information about their own planned programmes.

The things that we talked about during the V2_East/Syndicate Meeting in
September are summarised in a report that can be found on the Web at
<>. I can also send it to
people who have no web access. It seems that there are a lot of individual
initiatives that have come out of that meeting, which is proof of the
importance of actually getting together in person, talking and having fun
together. There have been two or three suggestions for V2_East/Syndicate
meetings next 1997, nothing certain, though, and I would like to ask those
people who are thinking about organising something to get the info out
early so that we can make joint efforts at raising money and bringing as
many of us together as possible.

Please, continue using the list <> for posting info that is
of interest to the media art community in East and West Europe. And once
again: Some of you have promised info about their institutions and
activities, and I would like to encourage you to write a few sentences -
there are a lot of curious people in this growing network who might be
future partners for your projects. Also, I would like to ask you all to
pass information that might be interesting for people who don't have e-mail
on to those people. Wealth in information comes from exchanging it freely.

Best wishes, and see you soon,
Andreas Broeckmann (V2_East)

PS: To those who save these newsletters - apologies for the fact that I'm
using '96/10' for the second time; the newsletter I sent out at the end of
September should have been called '96/09'.

* Dates of (some) upcoming events*
(info below or in Newsletter 96/..)

- 18 Oct. 1996 - 30 Sept. 1997: exhibition Dawn of the Magicians, Prague/CZ
- 7 - 8 November 1996: Doors of Perception 4 'Speed', Amsterdam/NL
- 11 - 22 November 1996: Crossing over Cultures, Sofia/BG
- 15 - 17 November 1996: Across Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4,
- 19 - 23 November 1996 COE conference Culture, Communicatin and New Media,
- 23 - 24 November 1996: Opening festival of the E-L@b, Riga/LV
- 28 November 1996 - 19 January 1997: Discord: Sabotage of Reality, Hamburg/D
- November 1996 - January 1997: The Human and the Invisible, Barcelona/ES
- 28 November - 1 December 1996: Circles of Confusion Film&Video Festival,
- 3 - 5 December 1996: Media Arts: Intercultural Hope or Art without a
Message? Prague/CZ
- 20 - 21 December 1996: Videomedeja, Novi Sad/YU
- 29 Jan - 9 Feb 1997: 26th International Film Festival Rotterdam/NL
- 10 -14 February 1997: WSCG'97, Plzen/CZ (96/02)
- March 1997: Crossing over Cultures II, Sofia/BG
- 30 April-4 May 1997: WRO 97, Wroclaw/PL

* Dawn of the Magicians, National Gallery in Prague, Oct. 18, 1996 - Sept.
30, 1997
exhibition subtitle: Art, Science, Society at the Turn of the Millennium
(From Mediumistic Drawings to Cyberspace)

Further information
Jana Králíková
National Gallery in Prague
Center for Modern and Contemporary Art
Dukelských hrdinù 47
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic
tel: (42-2) 2430 1006
fax: (42-2) 371 775

* CROSSING OVER CULTURES I, Sofia/BG, 11 - 22 November 1996

The project CROSSING OVER that will be launched in two stages -
CROSSING OVER I in November 1996 and CROSSING OVER II in March 1997
may be approached as a Mini-International Festival of New Video Art.
Both of the Festival stages share an agenda that comes in three
programmes at venues throughout Sofia, Bulgaria.
1] Public Screenings of new video works
2] Public Artist's Talks & Informal Bar Meetings.
3] New Video Art Workshop for 20 emerging artists
The project has been initiated at Soros Center for the Arts-Sofia and
kindly supported by Cultural Link Program of Open Society Institute, New
York as well as by various local collaborative institutions.

The workshop master will couple her efforts with the digital
technology consultants from the host venue at the Audio-Visual Center,
NAFTA to explore the following issues through the Workshop Sessions,
scheduled within two weeks - from 11 till 22 November 1996. * General
Concepts in Videoart Production * Pre-production Issues (concept,
outline, casting, story-board, short-list & Production Choices
(including type of camera; sound; lighting) * Choice of Hi-end and
Low-end Technology * Post-production Issues (logging, off- and on-line
editing; digital and special effects; narration) * Production
Proposals from Workshop participants and feasibility studies

CROSSING OVER I Public Screenings and Talks
CROSSING OVER I will  provide a cross-section of a wide range of
artists within video through its screenings and talks. The invited
lecturers who include Nina Czegledy, Marina Grzinic, Tapio Makela, Susanna
Paasonen and Ryszard Kluszczynski have curated a package of video works for
the Screenings and right afterwards will elaborate on the new video art
practices during the Talks at the host venue - the American Center,
USIA-Sofia. The CROSSING OVER I Screenings and Talks are scheduled within 6
nights from 8 till 19 November 1996.

Information and Documentation Officer
Soros Center for the Arts
16 A, P.Evtimii Blvd. Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
tel/fax: 00359 2 980 28 61; 89 89 94
(in times of troubled connection: <iliana@[]>)

* Across Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4, Newcastle-upon-Tyne/UK, 15 - 17
November 1996
Across 2 Cultures: Digital Dreams 4 is a 3 - day event exploring electronic
arts in the context of a changing relationship between art and science.
Taking place in a number of different venues in the Tyneside area, the
conference will have a backdrop which reflects the shift from mechanical to
electronic culture.

For registration and further information contact:
Across Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4
PO Box 344
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE 99  1FZ/England
Tel/Fax: (44) (0) 191 226 0093

* Culture, Communicatin and New Media, Prague/CZ, 19 - 23 November 1996
Conference of the Council of Europe about the role of new media in
contemporary society.
(info forthcoming, I hope)

* 23 - 24 November 1996: Opening festival of the E-L@b, Riga/LV
The official opening of the new E-L@b in Riga will be celebrated with a
small festival.
Further information:
Rasa Smite <>

* DISCORD. SABOTAGE OF REALITIES, Hamburg/D, 28 November 1996 - 19 January 1997

discord. sabotage of realities is being organized within the framework of
the Week of Visual Arts in Hamburg. It will be shown in the Kunstverein and
the Kunsthaus of this city from the 29th of November, 1996 to the 19th of
January, 1997. The title is theme and strategy of an exhibition and action
art project that intends to bring together a wide variety of different
artistic positions of the Nineties.
Artists include:
*Heath Bunting, "o.T." (mail art)
*Antonio Muntadas, "The File Room" (installation, internet project)
*Frank Riepe, "Invisible Embassy of Seborga" (installation / office,
internet project)
*Bea de Visser, "Blink" (video installation)
*Jayce Salloum, "Kan ya ma Kan" (video installation)
*Hans-Peter Scharlach, "This Land" (video installation)
*Lynn Hershman, "America's Finest" (computergenerated, interactive Installation)
*Frantisek Skala, "Sark" (photography)
*Yukinori Yanagi, "Wandering Position" (installation / work in progress)
*Wang Yigang, "Chinese Rules" (painting / interactive installation)
*Gary Carsley, "Ministry of Public Works" (installation / office)
*Peder Iblher / tunguska index, "The 'Visitor' Enterprise" (slide projection)
*Irwin / NSK, "NSK Passport Office Hamburg - Irwin Live" (installation / office)
*Markus Kaech, "Institut fuer mediale Krankheiten / Erste-Hilfe Raum"
*Inga Svala Thorsdottir / Shan Zhuan Wu, "Second Hand Water" (installation /
consumer project)

and projects by Artworld Anonymous (Budapest / H); Joshua Decter (New York
/ USA); Grupo Universidad de Antioqua (Kolumbien); Oleg Kulik & Mila
Bredikhina (Moskau / R); Pit Schultz (Berlin / D), Oleg Soldatov (Taschkent
Stadt / Usbekistan); Janos Sugar (Budapest / H); Zhuang Hui (Bejing / VR
China), and many others

Kunstverein and Kunsthaus Hamburg, Klosterwall 23, 20095 Hamburg.

Further Information:
un-frieden. sabotage von wirklichkeiten / discord. sabotage of realities,
Ute Vorkoeper / Inke Arns     Rutschbahn 37, D-20146 Hamburg, Tel/Fax:
e-mail:, <>

* The Human and the Invisible, Barcelona November 1996 - January 1997
International exhibition on the Internet about the themes of " The
Invisible" and "Strategies for the Digital Conquest: Between Apology,
Euphoria and Despotism". "The purpose of this exhibition is to analuse and
open up a debate on these topics, as well as to consciously use the medium
in order to critically reflect on the telematic medium itself."
Further info:
Claudia Gianetti
ACC L'Angelot
Correu Vell 10, bxs 3
08002 Barcelona, Spain
tel/fax +34-3-3450525
URL: (go to WWeb Art)

Berlin/D, November 28 - December 1, 1996
Independent and from the underground, wild, unvonventional, innovative,
critical, poetic and in the first place outside the mainstream - those
films we are looking for, those filmmakers we want to present to an
interested and expert audience.
This year's festival will also go beyond showing films already produced.
Indeed, we have encouraged the production of film, by
proposing that interested  artists create a five-minute-or-less
interpretation of the festival's name CIRCLES OF CONFUSION,
in any genre - on Super 8, 16mm, 35mm or video.  Deadline: November 1, 1996.
These films will be screened during the festival as ADDED CONFUSIONS.

 on Rosa-Luxenburg-Platz
in Berlin-Mitte

Cordula Sandow & Melissa Perales
Heinrich-Roller Strasse 25, 1O4O5 Berlin, Germany
Telefon + Fax (++ 49 3O) 442 5237
e-mail: <>

* Media Arts: Intercultural Hope or Art without a Message?
Goethe Institute, Prague
3rd - 5th December 1996

The sixth symposium in a series of annual international
interdisciplinary meetings devoted to the legacy of Vilém Flusser.

In media art the actual medium of a work of art becomes more
important due to the process of communication with a recipient / user.
Therefore it seems strange that the notion of communication implied by
this kind of art has not been thoroughly examined yet. The act of
communication is dependent on the culture within which it takes place.
How come, that media art can be transferred from one culture to
another one without losing its message? Should there not be some
communication failures or at least minor shifts in meaning? If not, we
may suspect media art of:
       1. being a kind of metaculture that can easily cover other
       cultures. If so, it cannot be neutral towards cultural values.
       Media art would necessarily imply that kind of thinking which
       is West-orientated and linear, masculine etc.
     2. having no message at all. We have just not noticed it yet.
This symposium should serve as a kind of introduction into the
phenomenon of media art. It is open to everyone interested. We hope
that discussions will prevail over lectures. We would like to discuss
questions that will probably be raised by the conference "Culture,
Communicatin and New Media" (November 19 - 23, 1996). On the 4th
December, Mrs. Edith Flusserová along with PhDr. Milena Slavická will
present the first Czech anthology of Vilém Flusser´s essays on art.

Languages spoken at the conference are Czech, English and German.
Simultaneous interpreting provided. Admission free.
In cooperation with Michael Bielicky, professor of Academy of Visual
Arts - Prague, and Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Prague.

For more information:
Goethe Institute-Prague:
Mr.Andreas Stroehl
Masarykovo nabrezi 32
111 21 Prague 1
P.O.BOX 1118
tel: 00/42/2/24 91 57 25
fax: 00/42/2/29 94 21

* First International Video Summit in Novi Sad "VIDEOMEDEJA"
December 20th and 21st 1996

Women's creativity has already been activated in fine arts - new media. This
fact inspires the creation of an annual summit of women artists engaged in
video and performance. The first international video summit VIDEOMEDEJA will
be held in Novi Sad on December 20th and 21st 1996, as a part of the women's
initiative network MULTIMEDEJA. The summit is dedicated to presenting works
done by women from Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is an area interesting
both from the sociological and artistic point of view. The experience of
women from this region determines their poetics as well as the need for the
exchange of artistic experiences. The thematic span of the first VIDEOMEDEJA
is a representation of personal female eroticisms through an artistic
dialogue with their own possibilities and through the dispute with the other
sex's point of view. Therefore, the theme of the video summit is FEMALE
NARCISSUS - LIE AND IDENTITY. In addition to the video presentation of the
contestants, performances and panel discussions will be held. The video
summit awards three equal prizes: the figure of a Sphinx and a plaque.
The deadline for sending works is December 1st 1996.

All women authors interested in this summit are invited to contact the
following address for further information:
Marija Gajicki
(women's initiative network MULTIMEDEJA)
Jevrejska 4/I
YU-21000 Novi Sad
Tel./fax: 381.21/ 621.308

*26th International Film Festival Rotterdam, 29 Jan - 9 Feb 1997
Participation in the festival is open to feature films, creative
documentaries, experimental films and shorts.
Deadline 1 November 1996
Further info:
Address, entry forms, submissions:
International Film Festival Rotterdam
PO Box 21696
NL - 3001 AR Rotterdam
tel. +31-10-4118080
fax +31-10-4135132

* WRO 97  MEDIA ART BIENNALE - 6th International Sound Basis Visual Art
WRO, established in 1989,  is an international biennale of media art
which for the sixth time will take place in Wroclaw, Poland from
30th April to 4th May 1997.
WRO presents the artistic interpretation of new technologies
and the decisions made in art in relation to new experience.
WRO is also devoted to exploration of the aesthetic and technical
potentials of the visual representation of sound in various fields
of media art

WRO features:
-- International competition
for video art and computer animation works in which image and sound
equally create an artistic form.
Deadline: 1st February, 1997

Apart from the WRO competition we welcome
installation projects, lectures, seminars or other
activity proposals which should be submitted
separately together with a detailed description.
Deadline: 1st February, 1997 (but please don't wait till the last minute)

Further information, competition regulations, entry forms for the
competition can be sent on your request.
After the 1st November also available on:

Violetta Kutlubasis-Krajewska -- project director
Piotr Krajewski -- artistic director
Zbigniew Kupisz -- managing director

P.O. Box 1385
54-137 Wroclaw 16
tel/fax: 48 71 448369

* Update *

Refresh - Action: Very Refreshing Indeed

#Refresh, the 'Multi-Nodal Web-Surf-Create-Session for an Unspecified
Number of Players, was launched in the first days of October '96 and peaked
in the first live-session on Oct. 6th, when participants in ca. ten
different European countries linked their specially design refresh-webpages
into a loop. Each page would refresh to the next after 10 seconds,
catapulting the surfer from Moscow
<> to Skopje, and on to Riga,
Berlin and London. Original, low-K designs were produced on the fly, with
Vuk Cosic (Ljubljana, 11 pages <>) and Zone
(Amsterdam, 4 pages) leading the pack. An IRC channel served to comment on
new designs and to coordinate the inclusion of newly arrived pages. Art
critic Heather Bonting (Bathingstoke) writes about Cosic and Choulguine's
presentation of the project at Metaforum3 in Budapest: "the refresh
project, a loop of underground leftself promotion, was projected, which was
very_cyber_indeed? !" The loop can, for instance, be entered at
<>, a page which has a random text-scrambler designed
by Pike (Rotterdam).
Further Refresh sessions might be imminent - what out, and stay where you are.

* General Info *

V2_East is an initiative of V2_Organisation Rotterdam, which is aimed at
creating a network of people and institutions who are involved with or
interested in media art in Eastern Europe and which wants to create an
infrastructure that facilitates cooperations between partners in East and
West. With its 'Syndicate' mailing list, website <>
and regular meetings, V2_East is becoming an important tool for fostering
ties within the media art community in Europe which makes it increasingly
obsolete to think in term of 'East' and 'West', and which will eventually
make the V2_East initiative itself redundant.

The V2_East/Syndicate is a no-budget network initiative rather than an
institution. <> is the address of a mailing list which is
dedicated to an exchange of information and ideas relating to the situation
and future development of electronic and media art in Eastern Europe. The
list members include more than 80 artists, curators, networkers, writers,
festival organisers, etc., from East as well as West European countries and
beyond, who, through the 'Syndicate', are trying to improve the
communication and cooperation between artists and organisations in East and
West. The list was first installed following the initial meeting of the
V2_East initiative at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam on January 21, 1996, at
the end of the second Next 5 Minutes conference. During the DEAF96 festival
in September, we held a V2_East Meeting in which around 30 people from 12
different countries participated.

* Subscription *

To subscribe to the syndicate list, please, send a message to
<> with the following text in the body of the
message: 'subscribe [email-address]'
For more information about the Syndicate, please, contact <>
(Andreas Broeckmann).

*Please, send information that you feel should appear in the next edition
of this newsletter (deadline: 27 November 96) to: <>.