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Digital Dreams 4

Across Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4

Conference  Exhibitions  Screenings  Events

15 - 17 November 1996

Across 2 Cultures: Digital Dreams 4 is a 3 - day event exploring electronic
arts in the context of a changing relationship between art and science.

Taking place in a number of different venues in the Tyneside area, the
conference will have a backdrop which reflects the shift from mechanical to
electronic culture.


Friday 15th November
Opening Plenary Session
13.30 - 16.30   Old Assembly Rooms

Millenial Fever or Emergent Culture?

At the end of the 1990's we are seeing increasing numbers of artists working
with new technologies, and the phenomenon of "cyberculture" bringing the
complex relationship between science and culture into sharper focus.  Science
is capturing the popular imagination, and some branches of scientific practice
are acknowledging chaos, uncertainty, and an ambiguous relationship between
observer and object. Is this a time of unprecedented change, or is it all
just millennial fever?

Speakers include: Regina Cornwell, critic and art historian, Nicholas Campion,
astrologer and anthropologist, Richard Coyne, Professor of Architecture,
University of Edinburgh, Natalie Jeremijenko, artist and engineer and
Kathleen Rogers, artist and researcher.

With break and followed by discussion



Panel Discussions at Tyneside Cinema 2:

10.00 - 12.00   Electronic Media and the Arts Centre

Several new arts centres incorporating digital media are proposed for the UK,
including the ambitious Baltic Four Mill development in Gateshead.  With the
participation of researchers, practitioners and representatives from
established organisations, this panel looks at the needs of such centres for
fostering research, production and audiences for both traditional and new

Panellists: Sara Diamond, Banff Centre for the Arts, Malcolm Le Grice,
Head of School of Design and Media, University of Westminster, Sally Jane
Norman, Researcher in European Arts Policy and Clive Gillman, artist.

13.00 - 15.00   Form, System and Aesthetic: What is the "raw material" of
                digital art?

Is it necessary to engage in the underlying principles of science and
technology for artists to work with ideas from these disciplines?  Is the
aesthetic of the
digital determined by software packages, or does the creativity come with the

Panelists: Char Davies, artist and Director of Visual Resarch, Softimage,
Tessa Elliot, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University,
Jonathan Jones Morris, Co-director, Studio Fish, Tapio Makela, Director of MUU
organisation, Helsinki, Michelle Wardle, Senior Lecturer, John Moores

15.30 - 17.30   Studio/Lab: Research and process in science and art**

Artists are increasingly concerned with research, experiment and collaboration
while some scientists are questioning the effectiveness of tried-and-tested
forms of scientific investigation.  This panel will explore possibilites and
pitfalls for overlap between artistic and scientific processes.

Panelists: Natalie Jeremijenko, artist and engineer based in San Francisco,
Simon Robertshaw, video and digital artist, David Cross and Matthew Cornford,
artists and lecturers at RCA and University of Wolverhampton, Bob Law, artist
and Reader at Bath School of Art and Design, Akke Wagenaar, artist and lecturer
at SCAN, Groningen.

(Also Saturday)
Artists Talks:  The Northern Mining Institute

10.00 - 11.00           James Wallbank

11.15 - 12.15           Jane Prophet

13.45 - 14.45           Maggie Hannan

15.00 - 16.00           Siobhan Foy

16.15 - 17.15           Gregory Green
                        (followed by book launch)

14.00                   Ian Breakwell discusses his three new
                        works at Newcastle College


Old Assembly Rooms

10.00 - 11.00           Simon Schofield and Andre Ktori
                        present the results of Saturday's workshops

11.30 - 12.30           Artists Talk: Knowbotic Research Labs

13.30 - 17.00           Closing Plenary Session:
                        Across Two Cultures: Repositioning Art and Science

How are the grand narratives of "objective" science and "subjective" art being
called into question?  What part might electronic media play in relocating
the visionary, progressive and utopian appeal of science?

Speakers include: Sara Diamond, artist and Artistic Director of Media and
Visual Arts, Banff Centre for the Arts, Nell Tenhaaf, artist, writer and
lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Dean Hawkes, Professor
of Architectire at University of Cardiff, and Mark Dery, writer and
commentator on Cyberculture.

with break and followed by discussion.

Commissioned Installations for
Across Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4

Jane Prophet

An interactive video and sound installation exploring collective behaviour.
In cognitive science, it is believed that human memory is constructed in
a similar way to the swarm. Using the behaviour of bees as a starting point
for the installation the audience will be encouraged to influence the
direction and reaction of the computer generated swarm.

Organised in collaboration with Prema Arts Centre.  The Swarm website will be
on exhibition as part of Ex Machina, Zone Gallery.

The Order of Things
Simon Robershaw

This installation presents a critical view of the scientific pradigms of
biological determinism which have dominated scientific theory since the
Victorian era.  the audience is forced to engage with the more insidious
components of these theories through an interactive autopsy table.

Programmed in collaboration with Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council
and FACT.

Park in the Park
Cornford and Cross

The "corporate instrumental rationality" that directs the application of
of scientific knowlege is highlighted by this exhibition.  Satellite imagery,
digital manipulation and road planning models question the effect of car
parks and traffic control in the environment.

Anonymous Muttering
Knowbotic Research Labs

This impressive interactive networking project sampls sounds of the city of
Newcastle over its two night duration.  Visitors to the three interfaces
in the city and globally via the internet will collectively be able to
manipulate the samples of light and sound using a membrane on the computer
screen.  The showing of the work coincides with club nights at the Riverside
Venue and events at Newcastle Arena.  First shown at DEAF '96.

Special Events

Saturday 16 November 14.00 - 17.00 and
Sunday 17 November 10.30 - 12.30
An opportunity to view "video reality" documentation of the conference
shot by Anton Hecht and colleagues.

workshop (places limited)
Newcastle College

13.00  - 17.00          Andre Ktori and Simon Schofield
                        Integrating sound and image in interactive media


Saturday 16 November
18.00                   Screening:  Tyneside Cinema
                        Fuzzy Logic II
                        A new package of short video works by young
                        artists.  Programmed by Film and Video Umbrella.

19.30                   Special Screening:      Tyneside Cinema
                        We are delighted to welcome Film Producer Kees
Kasander for a special
                        screening  of Peter Greenaway's new Film, "Pillow Book".
                        Kasander will discuss digital imaging
                        used in the film and future plans to reconstruct
                        cinematic narrative using interaction on the World
                        Wide Web.

Concurrent Events and Exhibitions

Serious Games
Laing Art Gallery
16 November 1996 - 9 February 1997
Opening Times for Across Two Cultures: Saturday 16th and Sunday 17 November,
10.00 - 17.00

Human contact, community and interaction are the themes that draw together this
exhibition of hi-tech and no-tech artworks. Artists include:
Diller and Scofidio (USA): "Indigestion", Ritsuko Taho (USA/Jap):
"Zeromorphosis: Swans and Pigeons", Char Davies (USA) "Osmose",
Ann Whitehurst (GB) " NetEscape", Toshio Iwai (Jap) "Resonance of Four",
Bill Seaman (USA)  "Passage Sets", Harwood (GB) "Rehearsal of Memory".

The Newcastle showing of Serious Games is sponsored by Mari training.
Osmose showing sponsored by Softimage.

Ex Machina
Zone Gallery,
6  NOvember to 22 November*
Opening Times for Across Two Cultures:  Friday 15th - Sunday 17th Novmeber
                                10.00 - 18.00

An exhibition by leading artists from Britain and Japan taking place
concurrently with Camerawork Gallery, London.  The artists are concerned
in very different ways with the interface between mind, body and machine.
Includes: "The Lovers by Teiji Furuhashi" (Jap), "Wirehead" by Digital
Therapy Institute (Jap), "Discredit Series 5 - 1" by  Yoshinori Tsuda (Jap),
"Touched" by Susan Collins, and "Telematic Dreaming" by Paul Sermon (GB).

Waygood Gallery

Soundscape - Pat Naldi and Wendy Kirkup
Friday 15 November 20.00 - 21.30

A simultaneious performance by live digital link with Isis Gallery, Melmerby.
This 90 minute perfornace will echo the historical boundary of the Roman
Wall between Newcastle and Melmerby.

Return - Helen Smith

This new work offers the 250 mile route or three and a half hour journey
between Newcastle and Kings Cross stations as a site of contemplation. In
a series of digital pints, the interior of a carriage void of human presence
is re-worked to accommodate the metaphorical baggage we all carry around with

Newcastle College
Ian Breakwell
3 New Works

"The Hinge", "Revoid" and "Intermask" have been created using electronic
imaging by Ian Breakwell during his year-long residency at Newcastle College.

Conference Fee: 75 Full Price
                50 Concessions
                30 Daily rate.

Includes lunch on Sunday.
Friday lunch available for an extra price of 5.

All venues are within close walking distance in the Central Tyneside area.
Transport will also be available.

Please ring for access information.

For registration and further information contact:
Across Two Cultures: Digital Dreams 4

PO Box 344
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE 99  1FZ

Tel/Fax: (44) (0) 191 226 0093

email: 2cultures@dd-4.demon.co.uk

web: http://www.visartuk.org.uk/dd4/

Accomodation information avialable on request.
Early booking recommended.

Programme confirmed, but subject to change.

Digital Dreams is a series of conferences that was initiated by Northern Arts
in 1993. Across two Cutures: Digital Dreams 4 has been programmed by Helen
Sloan and Lisa Haskel for Volcano Productions.

Supported by: AMEC Developments, Arts Council of England, Canadian High
Commission, Metro FM, Newcaslte College and Northen Arts.

Collaborators: FACT, Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, Laing Art Gallery,
Locus+, Newcastle Arena, Riverside Venue, Shindig, Tyne and Wear Development
Corporation, Waygood Gallery and Zone Gallery.