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Latest B@R news



Bulgarian @rtists Register - B@R - is an arts information service
based at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria. B@R was initiated
in 1995 by SCA-Sofia to promote the work of contemporary Bulgarian
artists through a sophisticated multimedia database which records and
displays comprehensive information on a constantly growing number of
artists. Each artist is presented through a full CV, high quality
colour images, video and sound extracts. B@R is also designed to
maintain  information on Bulgarian literature and performing arts
professionals, as well as on opportunities for artists: festivals,
competitions, funding sources, commissions, residencies.

B@R Background Information

B@R has been developed in close consultation with artists, curators
and art historians and forms a useful search and reference tool for a
wide range of user groups within professional and general public. Till
the end of 1996 B@R will include over 40 visual artists (painters,
sculptors, printmakers, craftspeople, designers, illustrators). For
each artist B@R contains a detailed CV with contact details, a
critic's review on the artists' skills and up to 20 high quality full
colour images of the artists' artwork, each described by the critic.
Most are established or emerging practitioners, nominated and selected
by the Advisory Visual Arts Board at SCA-Sofia. Thus the cost of their
entry is entirely subsidised by SCA-Sofia.

B@R Public Information Service
B@R Public Information Service is currently being set up at the
premises of SCA-Sofia as its first public access point. It will be
providing information free of charge by phone, fax, snail or e-mail,
in the form of illustrated printouts or in person. B@R services will
be shortly available to anyone with a Internet access point. Look out
for B@R initial webpage. B@R is coming soon.

Latest B@R News
B@R is in its initial, trial stage of processing and collecting
information about artists. B@R has been tested to be completely `user
friendly' and able to undertake numerous research tasks. The first
public B@R demo was delivered in July 1996 to a selected professional
group of SCA Visual Arts Board Members. Next B@R demos target a wider
national audience and are scheduled for later in the year at SCA.
Recently B@R coordinator promoted the project internationally at the
V2_East Documentation Meeting tailored within the framework of the
Dutch Electronic Arts Festival - DEAF96 and the Inter-Society of
Electronic Arts' annual conference - ISEA96 held in Rotterdam between
16-22 September 1996. By the end of 1996 B@R will be launching a
comprehensive SELF REGISTRATION scheme to enable Bulgarian
professional artists to register themselves. To ensure B@R's further
development B@R coordinator is currently identifying co-funders on a
regional and national scale within and outside the country for various
B@R projects.

B@Rmaid & Coordinator

Soros Center for the Arts
16 A, P.Evtimii Blvd. Sofia 1000, Bulgaria