Vuk Cosic on Fri, 23 Aug 1996 13:41:53 CET

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Re: maribor timetable that was missing


> YOU ARE FAB....great typer too!!!
well, I remembered the poor uninformed masses that blindly follow 
Rhizome and Syndicate list, so it was posted there too. 
> We will bye your ice creams everey day...yummmmmm!
I'll charge Mark Tribe.... 
> xx   Kathy
Irena has made a logo for a conference called City of Women 
(Ljubljana, October, same time as MFIII) with that xx, for 
chromosomes. I have told Koen van Daele who is organising that xx 
conference that you're ariving to Maribor soon and that he should get 
in touch with you about getting you over here for the occasion. He 
said wow and yes, so he has the move now.