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Information: European Media Art Festival

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  11. -15. September 1996

  Programme information

  For  a  total of five days this year, Osnabrueck will again become the
  international meeting place for the media arts. Between  11th  -  15th
  September,  the  European Media Art Festival (EMAF) and the NCC Cultur
  Concept  GmbH  (Cologne)  will  be  presenting  film  and  video  art,
  installations,   performances,   and  CD-ROM  and  Internet  projects.

  Ranged  at  the centre point of the whole event will be a selection of
  new  international  film  and  video  productions,  which  are  to  be
  presented  as  a part of a joint competition with our festival partner
  VIPER (Lucerne).

  A total of 890 contributions have  been  sent  in  from  33  different
  nations. Next to Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Great Britain, and the
  Netherlands in particular, Israel, Finland and  Japan  are  very  well
  represented.   The  Committee  for  the  International  Programme  has
  selected 89 pieces of work for the EMAF  and  VIPER,  from  the  total
  number of films and videos sent in.

  In  Osnabrueck,  the Film Journalists Working Association will present
  the German Film Critics Prize for the years best  German  experimental
  film and video production.


  The retrospective this year is dedicated to the memory of the recently
  deceased  American  computer film pioneer, John Whitney. In the 1940s,
  together with his brother James, Whitney created the ,Film Exercises,"
  which  count  as  one of the masterpieces of abstract film art. During
  the  1960s,  he  developed  programmes  based   on   the   ,cybernetic
  aesthetic,"  and  advanced  to  become a specialist for computer film,
  which also led him to find extensive  recognition  in  Hollywood.  His
  son,  Michael  Whitney  will  illustrate his working method as well as
  presenting a selection of his own work.


  For  those  interested,  the  Electronic  Cafeé  means,"...surfin' the
  internet."  In  parallel  to  current   CD-ROM's,   a   multitude   of
  artistically  considered,  interesting  internet  projects  are  to be


  Telepolis Newsroom
  The growing mediasation of societal life makes  a  critical,  artistic
  discussion   regarding   information   technologies   important.   The
  Telepolis-  Team,  (Armin  Medosch,  Kathy  Rae   Huffman,   Margarete
  Jahrmann,  Stefan  Korn,  Michael  Schuberthan,  Timothy  Druckrey), a
  combination of media artists and theorists will set-up a pilot project
  in the form of an ,Newsroom', which will allow global participation in
  the festival via Internet  and  at  the  same  time  answer  questions
  concerning the methodology of Web journalism.

  Network Critique
  In  co-operation  with Hildesheim University (Heiko Idensen), the EMAF
  has produced a CD- ROM in HTML format,  which  is  to  appear  at  the
  festival.   Designed   as   a  network  project,  ,Network  Critique",
  (Netzkritik) presents a variety of themes and examples  of  work  from
  the  fields  of  hyper  media,  media theory, and media censorship, in
  addition to examples of film and video work.

  Rhizome  is  conceived  as  a global resource for people interested in
  what's going on at the intersection of emergent media and contemporary
  art. Mark Tribe (USA) will present the project.


  Between 11th - 29th September,  it  will  be  possible  to  see  video
  installations,  and  interactive  objects  in  the  art  hall  at  the
  Dominican  Church,  where  social,  cultural  and   sensory-historical
  aspects  will  find  artistic  expression  using a variety of methods.

  The  origination point for the installation "#ber den Tod" (Concerning
  Death) by Ulrike Rosenbach (D), is  a  confrontation  with  the  theme
  death,  regarded  in  its  cultural  forms,  and  as  myths which have
  developed over the last thousands of years.  Here,  the  woman  artist
  investigates  the  contextual communiquÃ?, and the visual expressionary
  forms of this method of delivery.

  How women become characterised through the use of  sexual  clicheé  is
  demonstrated  by  Lynn  Hershman,  (USA).  "A ROOM OF ONE'S OWN" is an
  interactive video installation, which thematises voyeurism in general,
  and the voyeurism of peep-shows in particular.

  David Rokeby the celebrated Canadian media artist, applies fluctuation
  between action and reflection and creates  exciting  artistic  sensory
  systems.  In  his  most  recent work, "Watch" in which he reflects the
  experience  of  time  and  movement,  the  observer  experiences   his
  environment through a distortive observation system.

  George  Legrady, (USA), sends the viewer in his installation "Slippery
  Traces: The Postcard Trial"  on  a  pictorial  trip.  He  is  able  to
  navigate  between  240  combined  postcards with the most different of
  contents,  whereby  associations  to  further   subjects,   (literary,
  semiotic,      psychoanalytical,     etc.)     become     established.

  In  addition,  Wolfgang  Matzat  (D),  Robert  Hutter (D), and Gusztav
  Hamos, (H & D), are represented with new works.


  With  the  participation  of  the  Argentinean theatre and performance
  group, De La Guarda, at this years EMAF, the visitor will be served  a
  spectacle of a most particular character.

  With  their performance of Periodo Villa Villa, the 14 male and female
  artists combine theatre, music, acrobatics, climbing,  and  light  and
  architecture  into  a breathtaking show, The show will be presented in
  the  halls  of  the  former  Weymann  iron  foundry   in   Osnabrueck.

  De La Guarda awake particular  emotions  in  the  audience  via  their
  performance.  Here  they  become  one with the artists, drawn into the
  events through this spectacle of light, shadow,  movement,  sound  and
  poesy.  A kaleidoscopic colour play opens up the performance, building
  to an archaic tournament  escorted  by  arrangements  of  ethno-sound.

  The performers soar like fleeting shadows against a paper sky, hanging
  in  parachute  girdles,  follow one another away over the heads of the
  audience,  run  up  walls,  create  poetic  images,  carry  out   wild
  acrobatics  at breathtaking heights, experiment with water, with light
  and archaic  sounds.  ,No  linear  legend  is  related  here,  but  an
  interactive  drama  played  between  the  actors  and  the audience is
  inspired, whereby the audience receives a real  adrenaline-  smack  in
  the face. (Buenos Aires Herald)


  Stelarc Cybertalk
  Psycho/Cyber: Absent, Obsolete and Absent  Bodies  Stelarc  (Aus)  has
  been  augmenting  since the seventies the human body, a practice which
  has lead to a number of strategies which he is involved with today. In
  his  performances he attracts an audience interested in cyber theorie,
  robotics, interactive media  to  medicine,  engeneering  and  computer

  Virtual Pain NVA,  GB
  The NVA  organisation  from  Glasgow,  Scotland,  will  present  as  a
  premiere   their   most   recent  work  "Virtual  Pain",  a  story  of
  imagination, anger, self will and a search for  fundamental  knowledge
  in dealing with a crippling disease.


  Prof. Joseph Weizenbaum, MIT, Cambridge, USA
  The analyses of  the  renowned  computer  scientist  and  critic,  are
  precise  and  provocative.  Weizenbaum  questions  the  development of
  computer technology, advises scepticism regarding the view wishing  to
  split  the world up into a binary system, and exposes the developments
  in the growth of computerisation as a myth promoted  by  a  belief  in

  EXPO 2000
  An information event from the Cultural Section at the EXPO  2000  will
  present  the  plans and concepts for the world exposition in Hannover.

  The Development of User-Interfaces
  Markus Weisbeck / Niko Wõsche
  The  future  will  prompt  the question whether we are to drown in the
  information flood promoted by the globally cabled  world,  or  whether
  this  presents us with new opportunities for developing the quality of
  knowledge. The visual,  and  therefore  ordered  structuring  of  this
  information   tool   will   be   the   subject   of   this   lecture..


  In its role as a major event in the festival proceedings  the  Student
  Forum  is  foremost  an  international,  inspirative meeting place for
  young artists. Media Academies from  Switzerland,  France,  the  Czech
  Republic  and  Argentina  will  be  presenting  works  in  the form of
  experimental film, video  and  computer.  One  central  theme  at  the
  Student Forum is developed via the exhibition, with video and computer
  supported installations from Poland, France, and Germany. Performances
  from  Great  Britain, as well as parties and other special events will
  round off the programme.


  Visions from the South
  Short films, and videos from  Brazil,  Argentina  and  Chile  will  be
  presented  in  this  programme,  which  will,  in  turn follow on to a
  European tour.

  Gingerbread Media
  Keiko   Sei  and  Lubor  Brenda  will  be  presenting  the  "Pardubice
  Experimental Space Project" (Czech Republic).

  Nineties, Magazine for Visual Culture
  With  the  presentation  of  the  TV  programme  ,Nineties,"  which is
  broadcast monthly by TV- Belgrade, the EMAF wants to  demonstrate  the
  difficult  working  conditions  which  artists  have  to live under in
  Belgrade.Presentation:  Daniela Puresevic

  LNT Ukraine, Kiev
  The  Laboratory  of  New  Technologies  is  a non-profit organisation,
  dedicated to the research of new forms of cognition,
  neurointeractivity,  and  perceptual  / electronic materials in media.
  Vladimir Muzhesky will present the LNT and other artistic  works  from
  the Ukraine.


  The EMAF will be presenting the radio workshop, ,Radiokunst - Kunst im
  Radio," in co- operation with the `Offenen Kanal, Osnabr"ck,' in which
  artistic modes of expression will be developed, and which will support
  the festival journalistically.

  Further events in the programme list are in  development  and  can  be
  accessed  in  the  next  rogramme  leaflet,  (to  appear  24/8/96).  A
  catalogue will be available at the festival itself.

  Concept and Festival Board:
                                  Alfred Rotert
                                  Hermann Noering
                                  Ralf Sausmikat

  Student Forum:          Marion Guenther

  More information and accreditation:

          European Media Art Festival,    Lohstrasse 45 a, 49074
          Postbox 18 61, 49008 Osnabrueck

          Tel. +49-(0)541 -2 16 58 or 2 57 79
          Fax: +49-(0)541-2 83 27


  All in One              DM 85,- including ticket, catalogue, De La

  Permanent-ticket        DM 60,-
          reduced DM 50,-

  Day-ticket              DM 20,-
          reduced DM 15,-

  Program-ticket          DM   8,-
          reduced DM   6,-

  DE LA GUARDA    DM 35,-
          advanced booking        DM 28,-

  Catalogue               DM 20,-
          reduced DM 15,-

  Reduction for Students, unemployed and receiver of social welfare only
  by presentation of ID-card.

  INFO-COUNTER: Lagerhalle, Rolandsmauer 6,
  Tel. +49-541-29061 (0541-29061) (11. - 15.09.96)