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Performance Ar

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Date: 8.15.96 10:27:16 -0500
From: Kenseth Armstead (
Subject: Call for artists: What Is Performance Art?...

What Is Performance Art? A Digital Intermedia Project

Call for artists: The PAF is paying modest artist fees for any digital
work related to performance art. Images, text, interactive pieces,
digitized video,audio, anything that has been digitized and can be
displayed on the World Wide Web. Any aspect of performance art (however
you define it) is eligible. Prefer new works of art that stretch the
boundaries of the digital media, but will consider previously created
texts, reviews, images, and other digitized works. Submit web-ready
Macintosh-compatible digital work on 1.4mb floppies, 44mb SyQuest
cartridges or 100mb Zip disks. IBM-compatible text only will be accepted
on 1.4mb IBM floppies.

Mail disks to: Digital Media Project, PAF, 1365 Webb Road, Cleveland, OH

Queries? E-mail to:


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