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Syndicate: Fwd: Artists-in-Residence Programme, Open Studios

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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 15:13:25 +0100
From: Nicole Marjanovic <>
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Subject: Artists-in-Residence Programme, Open Studios

AUSTRIA Artists-in-Residence Programme

KulturKontakt AUSTRIA has been active since 1990 in the field of a cultural co-
operation with the number of countries from Central and Eastern Europe that are 
recently undergoing a process of political and economical reformation. Since 
1993 KulturKontakt AUSTRIA has placed guest studios in Vienna at the disposal 
of East European visual artists, and beginning with 1996 also photographers. 

KulturKontakt AUSTRIA provides studios - either large, bright rooms in a former 
chocolate factory for visual artists or a darkroom for photographers, flat, a 
grant for a period between 1 to 3 months as well as an allowance for material. 
It is also planned that the artists, aside of working on their projects, would 
establish certain professional contacts with galleries, museums and cultural
organisations during their stay. 

Since the year of 1993 up to now we invited and worked with artists from 
several countries from Central and Eastern Europe.

Open Studios:

KulturKontakt AUSTRIA studios in Davidgasse 79, A-1100 Wien

In summer 2000 the following artists were invited to join our residency 
programme. They will now present their projects they worked on in Vienna during 
an evening event (Open Studios) on September, 27th, 2000 from 06.30 - 10.30 
p.m. :

Anna Daucikova (Bratislava, SK): How are you?

Fotoprint/Videoprojection: stories of everyday life going on in a circle - no 
beginning - no end.

Branka Kuzmanovic (Belgrade, YU): The Letters

Videoinstallation "The letters" shows the ambiguity meaning of the 
word "letter". First, it is the fragmentary story about friendship among two 
artists. Second, it considers "the letters" from their formal aspect.

Djordje Tomic (Belgrade, YU): In the Name Of

Fotoinstallation: I am a photographer. The work I made during my residency in 
Vienna consists of sculptural fotoinstallation that deals with religion, power 
relationships and ethnic hatred that exists in present time and that has its 
roots in the past. 

Robert Novak (Prague, CZ): EPIDERMIS Project - Presentation / Media Art

Robert Novak uses a wide range of media including installations (environmental, 
site-specific, multi-media, interactive, etc.), various objects (kinetic, 
hybrid, computer-controlled, textual, ready-made, etc.), video & media art 
(digitally-manipulated video, photography, computer-generated images, 
interactivity, sound, etc.). Their synergetic combination creates a 
contemplative atmosphere whose impact engages all of the senses. Employing a 
juxtaposition of our knowledge or memory of natural phenomena and the recording 
and representation of them via media, Robert´s work investigates our perception 
of time and space while creating situations that transcend everyday experience. 

Robert studied Visual Art and New Media in Prague, London and Arnhem in the 
Netherlands. He participated in several international art projects , workshops 
and fellowship programmes and exhibited in Europe and Asia. He was recently as 
an Artist-in-residence at the Gasworks Studios in London and has been selected 
for the International Studio Programme in New York. 

He is currently also curating and co-ordinating his projects for London, Prague 
and Berlin as well as pursuing an Art-practice-based Research designed as an 
investigation into the physical and perceptual phenomena of reflections.

During the Kulturkontakt Austria Open Studio´s show in Vienna Robert will 
present a collaborative project Epidermis that he initiated and launched this 
year in London together with a French female artist Emmanuelle Waeckerle 
(currently based in London). 

This complex project exploits a specific condition of Robert´s body (med. 
Urticaria*, spec. Dermographism), using this minor health imperfection as a 
visual interpreter of the body's personal history. It is a series of videos, 
digital prints and photographs (Reading the Body) & Epidermis BOOK (Written on 
the Body).

Please don´t hesitate to ask for further information .

Nicole Marjanovic-Zoubek

Dr. Nicole Marjanovic-Zoubek
KulturKontakt Austria
Spittelberggasse 3/DG
A-1070 Wien

++43-1-523 8765 16
++43-1-523 8765 20

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