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Syndicate: net.congestion -> zadruga's opening live online tonight

Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 18:53:12 +0000
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From: honor <>
Subject: net.congestion -> zadruga's opening live online tonight

Dear All,

Belgrade based collective, Zadruga, are producing the opening event for the
international streaming media festival "net.congestion"
<> in Amsterdam 6 - 8 October.

Tonight, representatives of each of the four groups which make up Zadruga -
CoRRoSioN, Low-Fi Video, Striper, and Our Pictures - will transform the
theatre spaces of De Balie into a multi-sensory environment that fuses
high- and low-tech interfaces in the space, with streaming media and
Zadruga <> is comprised of visual artists,
musicians, writers, comic-artists, and do-it-yourself new media
specialists, with a great experience in creating both small and large scale
public happenings, bordering between contemporary arts and club culture.

Tonight's activities will be not only celebrating the opening of
"net.congestion", but also just as importantly, yesterday's momentous
events in FR Yugoslavia.

Time and Date
6 October
2000 - 0100 CET
1800 - 2300 GMT

>From 2000 onward, net audiences can join the party online at:



Check out: <> for details about how to
experience the rest of the festival programme online.  All panels and
presentations will be streamed live online.

To contribute your to a broadcast television television programme
on Amsterdam TV station, Salto, through the Frequency Clock website, check
out: <>.  For instructions on how to
participate in this 'programme-your-own-TV' experience, go to our
instructions page at:

If you have a documentary, a home movie, an online artwork, or anything
else which moves and is saved as an .rm file, then this is your opportunity
to have it screened on Amsterdam television.

[ sincere apologies for those who receive this message more than once ]

r Q  hq
r a d i o q u a l i a

r   a   d   i   o   q   u   a   l   i   a


f  r e q u e n c y  s h i f t i n g  p a r a d i g m s
i n  s t r e a m i n g  a u d i o

supported by virtual artists (VA)


<london + amsterdam>
ph: 44 (0)20 74015066

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