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Syndicate: |||||||||||||| Projections |||||||||||||||| video-art and experimental film festival in Minsk

|||||||||||||||||||| Projections |||||||||||||||||||||

The first international video-art and experimental film festival in Belarus
The festival will take place 8-10 October in Minsk
Places: Union of cinematographers, Youth Theatre, "NOVA" gallery
Organizers: Association for Contemporary Art, Association "Visual Arts", Polish Institute in Minsk, "NOVA"
Curators: Gala Nagaeva, Tatiana Novikova
Support: OSI, Swedish Institute, Belarusian Videocenter, Union of Cinematographers, "OKO" studio.

8 October 2000
Union of cinematographers (K.Marks 5, the 3d floor)
14.00 press-conference
16.00 opening

Polish Program
16.30 Video art and experimental films in Poland. Piotr Krajewski WRO (Wroclaw, Poland).
19.30 Andrzej Urbanski video-art, works show

Belarusian program
20.30   "OKO" studio. The film about the history of Belarusian video-art and experimental films.

Moscow program
21.10 Video-art and experimental films. Art-group "ZAIBI", Elena Kovylina, Oleg Mavromati. Comments.

9 October 2000
Youth Theater (st. Daumana 1)
 11.00 competitive show of Belarusian participants
12.00 Dmitri Pilikin. Retrospective show from S-Petersburg video-festival.
14.00- 15.00 Break
15.00 Nils Claesson (Stockholm, Sweden). The retrospective of experimental films and video-art in Sweden.

"NOVA" gallery (st. Very Horuzej, 16)
18.00 competitive show of Belarusian participants. Video-instalation.

10 October 2000
"NOVA" gallery (st. Very Horuzej, 16)
11.00 competitive show of Belarusian participants. Video-art. Screen projections.
13.00-14.00 Break
14.00 competitive show of Belarusian participants. Video-art.
18.00 round table discussion
19.30 jury conclusion
20.00 Party
curators' contacts:
Gala Nagaeva
Tatiana Novikova

Denis Romanovski

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