edi on Tue, 3 Oct 2000 19:10:38 +0200

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Syndicate: annual show in tirana

hi everybody,
as many of you might know this year the third edition of "Onufri" the international show in tirana is going to take place in december, between 15-20th (to be decided). curators of this year's show are Edi Muka and Gezim Qendro. the exhibition is planned to feature between 25-30 artists maximum in an international scale. this is the annual event that the National Gallery and the Ministry of Culture of Albania organize. the show has the form of a competition as well and an international Jury (to come out soon) awards the prize of 5000$. this year we are planning a catalogue as well.
for all interested artist and curators i am sending the exhibition concept as attachment. the artists list (non completed yet) is going to follow in the coming days.
for every question about eventual application, please address to the following accounts:
edithpulaj@hotmail.com; ediqnk@albmail.com; gqendro@xs4all.soros.al
or tel/fax: +355 4 23 41 93; +355 4 23 39 75;
or snail mail at:
Gezim Qendro
Galeria Kombetare e Arteve, Bul. "Deshmoret e Kombit", Tirana, Albania.