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Syndicate: opening today sept 12 : [GNou Tongs PLan] #1 - aL-dant(e - o - ec)

dear friends and colleagues

Winter is now!

we have the pleasure to introduce you GNou Tongs Plan # 1 :

aL-dant(e - o - ec) opening today sept 12.

aL-dant(e - o - ec)
a new exhibition curated by Ronald Green at pavu.com's Informative Arts
Art Foundation

Url : http://pavu.com/iaaf

IRC rendez-vous at 6 pm GMT+2
fast java access page : http://www.pavu.com/irc/index.html

Technical infos for IRC clients
server: irc.webmaster.com
port : 6667 or 7000
channel : #pavu

+ Bar, cocktails, amuses-gueules...


Thank you for your attention, thank you for your support

Wishing you the best, always

the pavu.com TEAM
paul dupouy - president
jean-philippe halgand - director
clement thomas - general
-/ stop it before you fall in love /-


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