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Syndicate: DEAF 2000 -Machine Times, Rotterdam, 14 - 26 Nov (update 11sept00)


V2_Organisation presents the fifth edition of the Dutch Electronic Art
Festival (DEAF), an interdisciplinary biennial featuring crossovers between
art, technology and society.
DEAF showcases the cutting edge of electronic art and provides a platform
for critical discussion and for the fostering of connections between
scientific and artistic disciplines.
DEAF00's programme addresses professionals in art, media culture, music,
performance, architecture and related disciplines, as well as to those who
are curious about the current situation and future of the electronic
society. DEAF00 takes place at different locations in the centre of
Rotterdam (The Netherlands).


DEAF00 deals with the theme of 'Machine Times'. The festival takes a close
look at the role that time plays in the constitution of our technological

Time was, for a long time, regarded as objective and continuous. More
recently it has become clear that time is built into natural and
technological processes at different 'speeds'.
Time is malleable through the interaction of machines and machinic
processes, and the experience of time becomes a technological concept.
DEAF00 investigates the way in which time is built into technological and
social systems, and presents artistic approaches to dealing with time, with
its manipulation, negation and elimination.


Machine Times
14-26 November, Nederlands Foto Instituut/ V2_

The DEAF00 Exhibition (opening: 14 November) features recent interactive
art works that deal with the notion of time in an inventive, witty, and
iconoclastic way. Rather than serving a diet of technological slowness, the
DEAF00 Exhibition presents a variety of time experiments from the
electronic arts. Festival visitors are invited to interact with the
machines and to become manipulators of time by expanding, bending,
stopping, derailing and compressing it.

Art+Com (D): Ride the Byte, 1999
Eike (D): X=X+1, 1999-2000
Ana Giron (USA): Artificial Time, 1999
Perry Hoberman (USA):Time Table, 1999
Dieter Jung (D): Light Mills, 1988
Gerald Van Der Kaap (NL): The 12th of Never, 2000
Christian Kessler (D): Transverser, 1998
Claudia Koelgen (D): Three Meditations, 2000
Ron Kuivila (USA): Twilight of the Second Hand, 2000
Akitsugu Maebayashi (J): Sonic Interface, 1999
Ikuo Nakamura (J): The Mirror, 1998
Marnix de Nijs (NL): Panoramic Acceleration, 1999
John F. Simon jr. (USA): Every Icon, 1996
Sommerer/Mignonneau (A/F): HAZE Express, 1999
Mari Sopella (FI): Erotus, 2000
Atau Tanaka (J) & Kasper Toeplitz (F): Global String,1999 (with live
opening performance)
Andrej Ujica (D): Out of the Present, 1995
Virgil Widrich and Martin Reinhart (A): tx-transform, 1998-2000

Digital Dive
14-19 November

The Digital Dive is the DEAF00 online presentation space. Besides computers
for free Internet usage, the Digital Dive presents specially selected
websites. In a lively workshop atmosphere the artists and designers show
their work and offer hands-on guidance.

14-26 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster
The foyer in Theater Lantaren/Venster will be transformed by Victor Elberse
in a Machine Times environment.


17 & 18 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster

The DEAF00 Symposium brings together a highly profiled group of scientists,
theorists, artists and sociologists who represent a variety of approaches
to the phenomenon of time.
With, among others: Nils Abramson (holography theorist, SE), Douwe Draaisma
(psychologist, NL), Kodwo Eshun (music essayist and culture critic, GB),
Robert Levine (anthropologist, USA), Atau Tanaka (artist, J), Eugene
Thacker (cultural theorist, US), Peter Weibel (artist/philosopher, A), and
a performance by AE (Trudel/Claude, CDN): Sparks S8P.

The Evening of ...
16, 17 & 18 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster

Three free-style evenings about the interests, passions and hobby-horses of
outstanding personalities in media art, supported by old, new and no media:
Sara Diamond (New Media director at the Banff Centre for the Arts, CDN) (16
Nov.), Joost Rekveld (artist, film-maker and researcher in moving images
and sounds, NL) (17 Nov.), and Woody Vasulka (pioneer of art and media
technology, CZ/USA) (18 Nov.).

Open Territories
16 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster

This varied afternoon with artists' presentations, lectures and
performances includes a presentation by John F. Simon (US), a talk about
time-based holography by Vicente Carreton (ES/NL), a lecture performance by
the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (GB), a project presentation by CELL -
Initiators of Incidents (NL), and others.

Wiretap 6.11: An Afternoon in Zero Gravity
19 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster

Several artists, dancers and theatre makers are experimenting with Zero
Gravity, enabled by French and Russian transport airplanes which take their
artistic crews on parabolic flights. The Wiretap programme brings together
some of the pioneers of artistic Zero G research who present photo and
video material of their experiments and talk about research results as well
as sublime, funny and weird experiences.


Marcel.l¡ Antunez Roca: AFASIA
14 & 15 November, Rotterdamse Schouwburg

The Dutch premiere of this live performance plunges the audience into a
spectacular scenario. On the stage, the Catalan artist Marcel.l¡ Ant£nez
Roca controls sounds, images and four robots with interfaces attached to
his body, entering a complex polylog with the machines and different
characters taken from the story of Ulysses.

Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin:
19 November

A hybrid live performance, a dinner evening with enlightening disturbances,
a multimedia presentation from a Garifuna village in La Ceiba (Honduras),
and an hommage to the Spanish film pioneer and incoherent artist Segundo de
Chomon from Aragon.


The Cinema at the End of the Universe
16, 17 & 18 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster

In a number of specially curated screenings, DEAF00 presents movies,
documentaries and experimental films dealing with the relation of time and
technology. On a travel through time itself the series leads from the early
days of cinema to the digital media of today. A cooperation between Theater
Lantaren/Venster & V2_.


Stretching Time to the Groove
Electronic music is currently branching off into innumerable sub-genres,
generating, dubbing and sampling speeds, noises, clicks and cuts for
listening, dancing and occasionally for irritation. Stretching Time probes
the state of the arts in manipulating audio perception. Visual animations
and video support, counteract and subvert the sound performances.

A Difficult Party
17 November, Now & Wow
Starring: Speedy J (NL), Funckarma (NL), Kit Clayton (USA), a.o.

Senses to the Extreme
18 November, Off_Corso
Kohn (B), Autopoieses (D), Monolake (D), a.o.

Confrontation in Another Time Warp
23 November, Off_Corso
hosted by klub dodo

Confusing Time
25 November, Off_Corso
hosted by dub (Djak Up Bitch)


Media Academy Day
15 November, Theater Lantaren/Venster

The opportunities for Higher Education training in digital media are
expanding rapidly. A growing number of schools offer courses in media art,
design and theory, researching new educational models and responding to the
transformation of media production in the digital economy. DEAF00 features
presentations by several Dutch and international schools, surveying their
curriculum and show-casing student projects, among others:  IAMAS
International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (Gifu/J), Kunsthochschule
f_r Medien (Cologne/D), Interfaculty Image and Sound (Den Haag/NL).

Future Moves 3: Time Tracking
15-19 November

The workshop explores interdisciplinary approaches of the performing arts
to timing and synchronization. Collaborative usage of technology requires a
common timing, in human-human and human-machine interaction, and in
machine-machine coordination. Timing is therefore a crucial aspect of
recent performance research. A cooperation between Theater Lantaren/Venster
and V2_.

Creative Kernels
16 November

Art productions, performances and creative events often require specific
software and hardware. The workshop discusses recent software developments
for and by artists, bringing together creators, developers and users.
Hosted by EncART and V2_Lab.

14 & 15 November

nato.0+55 is a new software that is set to revolutionise the realtime
manipulation of video and sound. The workshop brings together members of
the international user and developer community for a two day jam session,
culminating in a live event with online and on-site performances.


DEAF00 Book
In connection to the Symposium, the exhibition and other parts of the
festival, a catalog/book is published about the Machine Times theme. The
publication includes essays by and interviews with the speakers at the
Symposium and other authors plus descriptions of the artworks in the
exhibition. Full color with many illustrations, ca. 200 pages, in English.

DEAF00 Website
In October 2000 the new V2_ website will go online: a rich, dynamic and
unique network environment, also for DEAF.  Besides program and practical
information, live documentation of DEAF activities feature directly via
video, photos and written reports.  Specially developed software provides a
treasure of thematically related documentation, as well as channels for
active participation by website visitors.

Programmes may be due to alteration.

The full programme with all details will be posted and made available on
the website in October.


DEAF00 Partners
In Rotterdam: NFI - Nederlands Foto Instituut, Theater Lantaren/Venster,
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Off_Corso, Now & Wow, Goethe Institut Rotterdam,
Dodorama, dub.

International partners: Ars Electronica Center Linz, C3 - Center for
Culture and Communication Budapest, ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und
Medientechnologie Karlsruhe.

DEAF00 Support

DEAF00 is part funded by Daniel Langlois Foundation, Goethe Institut
Rotterdam, Homogeneous Budget for International Cooperation (Dutch Ministry
of Foreign Affairs and Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science),
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Luna Internet,
Martin-Behaim-Haus-Stiftung, MK2, Mondriaan Foundation, Rotterdam Arts
Council, Rotterdam City Development Corporation, Rotterdam Festivals,
Rotterdam Marketing, Thuiskopiefonds, VSB Fund, Foundation WeTeN, the
Chancellery Department for the Arts Vienna, and others.

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