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Syndicate: "Olre" a project by emilio fantin and "artway of thinking"

(beyond the park of flavours)


for walkers, cyclists, gourmets, nature-lovers and inventors.
Walking, looking, cycling, listening, tasting, and laying back 
to think.


Comprensorio dei Colli Berici - Val Liona (local authority)
Comuni di: Grancona, San Germano dei Berici e Zovencedo (Vicenza)

Il Parco Dei Sapori Della Val Liona 

Art directors: Artway Of Thinking (Stefania Mantovani and Federica Thiene),
Emilio Fantin, Maurizio Fipponi.
Organisation: REGIONE DEL VENETO (Venetia regional authority),
Decentramento Musicale Asolo Musica; Veneto Musica, Ministero Per I Beni e
Le Attività Culturali (Italian Ministry of Culture), Artway Of Thinking in
collaboration with Ensemble Vocale Vita Nova, Pro Val Liona, Consorzio Pro
Loco Colli Berici.
Production: Val Liona - Grancona, San Germano Dei Berici and Zovencedo
Official sponsors: Consorzio Pietra Di Vicenza, Cassa Rurale Ed Artigiana
Di Brendola, Prosciutti Val Liona.
Co-financed by the European Community: LEADER II programme.


Postonement in the case of bad weather to Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th
October 2000
Percorsi a sensi alternati - Alternating routes * 
walking _  from Acque, Grancona 
biking  _  from Piazza della Pace, San Germano dei Berici 
8 pm 
Aia in festa - Aia feast* 
dinner in borgo di Campolongo, San Germano dei Berici 
10 am - 4 pm 
Naturale è perdersi - Losing oneself comes natural* 
walking _ from Dorsale dei Berici (close to Miramonti restaurant),
5 pm 
Musica della pietra - Stone music* 
concert_ at Cava Arcari (close to Miramonti restaurant), Zovencedo 
*must be booked
Lunch L.18,000 
Evening buffet L.28,000 
Concert L. 15,000 
Hiking and dining
While hiking and during the dinner, artists, cultural operatives, and
connoisseurs of the area and local traditions will, according to what is or
what they believe important or significant, stop off here and there to
provide explanations along the way or as part of the event as a whole.
These breaks alternate with performances, installations, physical tasks,
storytelling and snacks and wine tasting sessions.
A. Vivaldi Musical association; Maurizio Fipponi musician; Coco Gordon
visual poet; Il Mondo alla Rovescia theatrical group; Istituto Palatini
Terme di Salzano health institute; Istituto Wenger for the development of
human potential;  Beppe Mora satirical artist; Emilio Pieraccioni,
comedian; Piermaria Romani media whore artist; Lello Ruggiero
relation-building artist; Claudio Salerno biologist and director of the
organisation for the divulgence of natural history, Istituto per la
Diffusione delle Scienze Naturali (Naples); Andrea Salvetti sculptor; Enzo
Umbaca visual artist; Coro Val Liona folk choir; Trattoria Isetta, Grancona
(food and drink); Vecchia Ostaria Toni Cuco Grancona (food and drink);
Prosciutti Val Liona Sossano; Cooperativa le Valli San Germano. 
artway of thinking (Stefania Mantovani e Federica Thiene) and Emilio Fantin

Musica della Pietra (Stone music)
Music by artists from various backgrounds: percussion, choirs, cello, bass
clarinet (solo acts). The music is played in different parts of the cave
and the public will follow the itinerary of sounds within the cave - as
much a part of the concert itself as the special sound effect of the stone
and the peculiar acoustics of the venue itself.
Composers: Luciano Berio, Giovanni Bonato, Francesco Erle, Ennio Morricone 
Soloists: Mario Brunello cello, Luigi Marasca bass clarinet, Saverio Tasca
Percussion: Nunzio Dicorato, Alberto Macchini, Massimo Malaguti, Massimo
Pastore, Federico Poli, Dimitri Fiorin. 
Choirs: Ensemble Vocale Vita Nova (Grancona) - conductor Maurizio Fipponi;
Schola San Rocco (Vicenza) - conductor Francesco Erle. 
artway of thinking 
tel_fax ++39 041 59 04 300 
e-mail: artway@tin.it <mailto:artway@tin.it>
Apollo Music; Veneto Musica 
tel ++39 0423 95 01 50 
fax ++39 0423 52 98 90 

Pro Val Liona 
tel_fax ++39 0444 88 92 15 
e-mail: valliona@libero.it <mailto:valliona@libero.it>
Consorzio Pro Loco Colli Berici 
tel_fax ++39 0444 63 81 88 
e-mail: info@colliberici.com <mailto:info@colliberici.com>

www.boxoffice.it <http://www.boxoffice.it/> 
tel   ++39 041 940 200 
(ore 16.00/18.00) 

how to get there: turn off motorway (autostrada) A4 at Montecchio Maggiore.
Turn left for Lonigo. After 1 km turn left and follow the signposts for
where to stay: contact Pro Val Liona for information - 'agro tourism'
accommodation has been booked 
what to wear: comfortable warm apparel and walking boots.  Inside the cave
the temperature goes down to 14° - all outdoor activities.
NB bicycles may be booked at Pro Val Liona 
OLTRE il parco dei Sapori della Val Liona is part of the Amuseo project.
Amuseo is an attempt to seek out new ways of preserving, presenting and
perceiving works of art that goes beyond the static museum approach.
Territory is the key word - no limits, no walls. Works of art should be
'lived' rather than contemplated. Places to be reached, time to be spent,
places discovered and restored or returned to their territory, to the local
population, to artists. A cave becomes an auditorium, a woodland path a
moving stage. Although the Amuseo 'collection' programmatically has no
catalogue as such - since it is a continually evolving event -, it
involves, nevertheless, a multimedia approach to publicising events. Amuseo
is an artway of thinking and Emilio Fantin project. 

emilio fantin


emilio fantin


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