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Syndicate: press release -> ART+COMMUNICATION 4 Intercultural Jamming in Riga, August 24-26, 2000

dear syndicalists,

below is press release for ART+COMMUNICATION-4 festival, organised by e-lab and newly founded new media center - rixc, which will take place in Riga, august 24-26, 2000

more information about the event and preliminary programme you can find at festival web site http://rixc.lv/00

best wishes,



ART+COMMUNICATION   4   Intercultural Jamming

International New Media Festival and NICE Network Meeting

in Riga, August 24-26, 2000

___                 _________________________________________________

ART+COMMUNICATION is the  annual new media festival in Riga, organised by
E-LAB since 1996. This years festival is co-organised by the newly
established Centre for New Media Culture in Riga - RIXC.

This year the festival will contain media artists presentations (from
Baltic states, Nordic countries, Russia and Belarus, as well as from the
UK, Germany, Italy, Columbia, Argentina, Indonesia, and other places), panels on specific subjects in new media development, such as - genetics, free
software, streaming media and web-tv development, as well as public events
- concerts, performances, screenings, parties.

The festival aims to promote tolerance and the development of an open
territory for cultural exchange, beyond any separation or exclusion either
on geographical, economical or political base. Under the principle of
'cultural jamming' media artists and net activists from the Xchange
network, a diversity of countries and a multiplicity of cultures will meet
in Riga to present their activities, and to work together in the context of
net.radio and web-tv.

The festival will also contribute to cultural policy development in Latvia
and within the Baltic/Nordic region in the field of new media culture. The
first day of the festival will be devoted to a meeting of the [NICE]
Network on new media and cultural policy in the Baltic Sea region and
North/East Europe.

___                   _______________________________________________
[NICE] - Network Interface for Cultural Exchange
in the region of Baltic Sea and North-East Europe

The NICE meeting in Riga will focus on cultural policy issues related to
new media culture, micro-cultures and cultural exchange in the Baltic Sea
region and North/East Europe.
The first meeting of new media culture initiatives from the Baltic Sea
Region took place in November 1999, within the framework of TEMP -
Temporary Media Lab project in Kiasma, Helsinki. The participants of TEMP
established a network for new media culture [NICE].
The NICE meeting in Riga, is a follow-up to this event, and recognises the
need for face-to-face meetings, and the need for dialogue between
practitioners and policy-makers in the region.

[NICE] MEMBERS (so far...) include:
ATELIER NORD [http://www.anart.no] Oslo, Norway
ASSOCIATION OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS [http://nice.x-i.net/outskirts] Minsk,
E-LAB [http://re-lab.net] Riga, Latvia
CRAC [http://www.crac.org] Stockholm, Sweden
JUTEMPUS, Vilnius, Lithuania
LOCOMOTIVE [http://www.borderland.org] Riga, Latvia
M-CULT, Helsinki, Finland
MEDIA ART LAB [http://www.sccamoscow.ru/lab] Moskow, Russia
MUU MEDIA BASE, Helsinki, Finland
PRO ARTE [http://proarte.spb.ru] St.Petersburg, Russia
RIXC [http://rixc.lv], Riga, Latvia
and other individuals.

___                          ________________________________________
___ http://xchange.re-lab.net________________________________________
XCHANGE - acoustic space for 'intercultural jamming'

XCHANGE - the NETWORK & MAILINGLIST that aims to provide the context for
communication and information exchange among creative net.broadcasters -
will be used as an information exchange and co-ordination channel for
festival on-line events.
During the festival various live streaming channels, such as - web-tv,
net.radio, streaming ASCI video, fm radio, irc chat - will be open for
contributors on-site in Riga as well as remote places.

The ACOUSTIC.SPACE #3 - annual Xchange printed issue, produced by E-LAB in
Riga, will be published right after ART+COMMUNICATION/Riga and STREAMING
MEDIA FESTIVAL/Amsterdam, in the autumn of 2000.

___                      ____________________________________________
___AUGUST 2000 IN LATVIA:____________________________________________

During the month of August 2000 the Center for New Media Culture RIXC is
organising the media culture event series - "InterCultural Jamming" in
collaboration with the founders of RIXC - E-LAB, LOCOMOTIVE, BALTIC CENTRE
together with other independent media arts and youth culture organisations
from Riga: VARKA CREW, 99%SVAIGS, F5 and others. The workshops, seminars
and meetings will focus on various topics dealing with new media culture,
independent film production and media theory.

August 24-26
ART+COMMUNICATION, 4th International New Media Culture Festival and NICE
Network meeting in Riga, organised by E-LAB.

August 13-20
TRANSITZERO - International Filmmakers Meeting in Vikleby and Liepaja,
closing part of the Workshop series in Karosta Liepaja, organised by

August 19
REAL TIME ATTACK - festivaal down the tunnelz, organised by 99%SVAIGS &
BIO.CODES / DJi: bio.codes un varka crew, video: figureOUT, 99%Svaigs, F5,

These events are organised with the common aim - to create awareness about
youth and micro (minority, regional, sub-) cultures and make them visible
in cultural programmes, as well as to introduce local policy makers and
society at large with the urgent social issues of the technological culture.

All these events together demonstrate mutually contributing strategies. By
transforming the dimensions of this collaboration and based on experience
of the founders, a foundation for a new infrastructure - Centre for Media
Culture RIXC is being formed.

___                ________________________________________________
___about organiser:________________________________________________

The Intercultural Jamming event series is organised in part to develop the
conceptual background, identify the local and regional partners, and create
a material base, to establish and develop the Centre for New Media Culture
in Riga - RIXC.

RIXC is the joint effort of a number of independent local cultural groups
working in the fields of new media, art, film, music, youth culture and the
social field:
-> E-LAB, electronic arts and media center
-> LOCOMOTIVE INTERNATIONAL, film and tv studio
http://borderland.org>, http://transitzero.org
-> International Baltic Center for Human Education "Co-operation for Peace"
in co-operation with:
OPEN, VARKA CREW http://varka.net, F5, 99%SVAIGS http://svaigs99.lv, and other digital art and youth culture

___                  ________________________________________________
___FESTIVAL WEB SITE:________________________________________________

A festival web site with the preliminary programme has been put on-line to
provide information about the festival at the following address:


During the festival the web site will provide access to the festival live

___            ______________________________________________________

For more detailed information about the festival you can contact the
organisers via RIXC and E-LAB in Riga.


Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits
11. Novembra Krastmala 35-94,
Riga, LV 1050

Tel. +371-7210297, mob. +371-6546776

e-mail: rasa@parks.lv


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