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Syndicate: Call for participation

Hi all,

A while back I wrote and asked for participants in an internet project that
is to run this fall.  The name of the project is Sunset and is being
sponsored by the Nordic Cultural Network and will run along with a number of
other projects in a festival under the name N2art.net (the URL n2art.net is
not active).  Information about the project and what is expected of
participants can be found at http://www.this.is/~pallit/sunset

I have received a number of participants from the US and Europe but I need
more.  Especially from the following areas:

North American West coast
Anything between Finland and North America (Russia, Japan, Australia, India)
The UK and/or Ireland

The idea is to have participants from all around the globe.
All software needed can be dowloaded, free of charge, from the internet.
Please read the information at the Sunset website before responding to make
sure that you have the required equipment.  Due to the software used,
participation is only possible through a Macintosh computer.

The deadline for preparing the project is September 1st, and the project is
scheduled to run for one month beginning on November 4th.  So please respond
as soon as possible if you are interested.

Those of you who responded to my last posting but have not heard from me,
feel free to respond again.

Best regards,
Páll Thayer
Pall Thayer, tölvufræðikennari og vefstjóri
Fjölbrautaskólanum við �rmúla
netfang: pall@fa.is

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