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Radio Jeleni
Join the Center for Contemporary Arts - Prague and as we launch 
our new webstreaming project, Radio Jeleni.
Thursday, August 10, 20-24:00 Central European Time.

with performances by:

Michael Delia * Handbuilt Instruments
Chris Mann + George Cremaschi * Guitar n' Bass
Vincent Farnsworth * Absolut Feedback
Lubos Fidler * Giant Speakers
Wooden Toys * Hypnotic Waves
Marian Palla * Spoken Words
Atmospheric Research * Technical Problems

and live from Krakow

Marek Choloniewski * tiny tones you could fit in your mouth

Radio Jeleni looks forward to being a crucial source of culture and media 
from the Czech Republic, and to providing an interface to individuals and 
groups working here with an international community.
Upcoming projects include inter-city improvised music, a video tour of the 
traces of time left on Prague's public spaces, streamed coverage of the 
IMF/World Bank conference, panel discussions from on urban 
transformation, the emerging 'european identity', globalization and the 
media, and in-depth investigations of Prague's new media, music and literary 
For more information, please see:

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