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Syndicate: HOST: Utopia

New Media Scotland announces the launch of HOST

Host is an online space dedicated to temporary projects by artists.

The first project is 'Utopia' by Scottish photographer Gair Dunlop. You can
see it on Host from 1 August 2000 to 31 October 2000.

Meet the artist: internet chat reception 21 September 2000, 19:00 hrs GMT

'Utopia' is designed to set up a dialogue about the idea of space and
perfectibility. How many of our ideas about who we are and our place in the
world are bound up with various hierarchies of space and property? The
world and the heavens. Property and the natural order.

Eutopia from the same root as Euphoria. Utopia from nonplace...

The artist began this work during a residency at Hospitalfield House,
Arbroath. Built in the 1860s, it reflected many of the values of the time;
fanatical devotion to a Scottishness found only in the pages of Sir Walter
Scott, a sentimentality about animals, and imagery of the happy peasantry.
The house itself is a marvellous place, the art within it variable...
However this gives a better insight into the average aristocratic mentality
and sense of space than a more elitist collection would.

Dunlop began working with the space and feeling of the house, working it
into contrast and opposition with different places and sensations of
distance from working in Australia and from Arizona. After all, the
offcasts of Scottish society and the younger children of the aristocracy
were among those who colonised the outback and the desert during the last
century. How many Balmorals are there in Australia?

The artist has used conventional photographic techniques to gather the main
images, and then used digital techniques to make the panoramas, links, and
animated images. It is hoped that the site will change with the responses
of viewers; new corridors and spaces will lead from its core as dialogue
takes place there.

This project has been made possible through the support of New Media
Scotland, the Scottish Arts Council, Hospitalfield Trust, Lovebytes, and
Pavilion Arts.

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