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Syndicate: Medi@terra 00 - Call for Projects

Medi@terra 2000
International Art and Technology Festival & Symposium
3 - 7 November 2000
Athens, Greece
Medi@terra 2000, organised by the FOURNOS Centre for Art and New Technologies
and supported by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Athens School
of Fine Arts, aims at promoting innovative artistic creation as well as
spawning new ideas and cooperation. Therefore it wishes to produce, co-produce,
present, support and promote collaborative projects that use the Internet
as their main means of communication.
Submissions to be considered are collaborative and participatory projects

 are created by three or more collaborating artists, OR by an interdisciplinary
team comprised of three or more artists, researchers, students etc. OR
by two or more collaborating companies / groups of artists / institutions

focus on post-internet, contemporary expressive means in art and culture

use interaction, exchange of ideas and communication as a basic part of
their implementation process

permit and/or encourage cooperation in order to attain their final form

require a budget of 1400 Euro at most in order to be produced or co-produced
by the Medi@terra festival

Procedure to be followed as far as selection and implementation of submitted
projects is concerned:
1. Selection of the projects will be held by members of the steering
committee of the festival in cooperation with representatives from collaborating
institutions, cultural centres etc. During the selection procedure, proposals
should participate in on-line discussions held on the fournos-culture mailing
list [http://www.fournos-culture.gr/maillist/] and moderated for the public,
concerning the goals and the implementation procedure of the project. The
selection will be based on the following criteria:
# Relation of the proposed projects to the "neologistic" reasoning
conveyed by the title
# Relation of the proposed projects to the aims of the call, as described
# Economical criteria (low-budget projects to be preferred)
* Trans-locational collaborative projects will be preferred
* Projects proposed by cultural groups traditionally under-represented
at international events will be preferred
2. The selected projects should expose to fournos-culture the progress
of their work during their implementation procedure. They should remain
open to on-line public discussions and cooperation proposals and should
be formed by the exchange of ideas and interaction with the public.
3. The selected projects will be physically presented in or net-connected
to Medi@terra 2000 International Festival, Athens in the form of a parallel
event (exhibition, projection, on-line connection etc.), workshop or other
venue to be judged attainable by the organisers, taking into account technical
requirements and cost.
4. All selected projects as well as the most interesting parts of the
on-line discussions will be archived by Medi@terra 2000 and presented on
the Internet at: www.fournos-culture.gr
Send the following information to info@fournos-culture.gr :
- Your full name
- Mailing address, Email address, WWW address, phone, fax
- Full name of collaborating artists / companies etc.
- Short CVs of all collaborators with links to other on-line projects
- Country of residence
- A description of the project including title, why and how you consider
it to be networked-based art, why and how you consider it relates to the
NEO [TECHNO] LOGISMs theme of the Medi@terra 2000 festival
- A description of the implementation procedure you intend to follow
- Technical specifications of the project (platform, extensions, special
programs etc.) *
- Total Budget
- Budget requested by the Medi@terra Festival
* Please note that Medi@terra does not provide any technical facilities
to support the production of projects selected, other than the budget requested.
The organization of the event is being undertaken by a steering committee
whose role is to define the major orientations of the event and supervise
the programming, the organization, and the choice of partners.
Manthos Santorineos, Artist, Director of Fournos Center, Professor
Athens School of Fine Arts
Dodo Santorineou, Co-director, Fournos Center for Art and New
Technologies, Athens
Maria Xatzichristodoulou, Co-director, Fournos Center for Art
and New Technologies, Athens
Dimosthenes Agrafiotis, Professor of Sociology ESDI, Intermedia
artist, Athens
Dimos Dimitriou, Artist
Zoe Kazazaki, Head of International Organizations Section, Hellenic
Ministry of Culture
Takis Kiriakoulakos, Advisor for the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute,
Panos Kouros, Artist, Professor, University of Patras
Jenny Marketou, Artist, Professor, The Cooper Union School of
Art, New York City
Maria Roussou, Head of Virtual Reality Department, Foundation
of the Hellenic World, Athens
Public Relations
Angeliki Papavassiliou
Medi@terra 2000 COLLABORATORS
Medi@terra 2000 is collaborating with the following International cultural
institutions, museums, centers, national representatives, and venues:
CICV (France), FACT (UK), Lux Center (UK), Montevideo (Netherlands),
V2 Organization (Netherlands), ZKM (Germany), Kunsthochschule for Medien
Koln (Germany), Walker Art Center (USA), McLuhan Institute (Canada), The
University of Pretoria (South Africa), SCAS (Bulgaria), E-LAB (Latvia),
FABRICATORS (Italy), ATR MIC (Japan), The University of Sydney (Australia),
The University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Art Futura (Spain), Vid@rte (Mexico),
Danish Video Art Data Bank (Denmark), The University of Sao Paolo (Brazil),
ATA (Peru), MECAD (Spain), Biennale of Sant Diego (Chile)
The French Institute, Athens, Greece, The GOETHE Institute, Athens,
Greece, The Danish Institute, Athens, Greece, The Finish Institute, Athens,
Greece, The British Council, Athens, Greece, The Italian Institute, Athens,
Greece, The Hellenic American Union, The Ministry of Education and Culture
of Cyprus.
The Canadian Embassy, The Embassy of South Africa, The Embassy of China,
The Embassy of Venezuela, The Embassy of Brazil, The Embassy of Chile,
The Australian Embassy, The Embassy of Sweden, The Embassy of The Netherlands,
The Embassy of Russia, The Embassy of Japan, The Embassy of Spain, The
Belgian Embassy.
This is not a final list of collaborators.
FOURNOS Cultural Center
Mavromihali 168
11 472 Athens Greece
Tel. +301. 6420451, +301. 6460749
Fax +301.6470069
E-mail: eikona@hol.gr
WWW: www.fournos-culture.gr
Medi@terra is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Athens School
of Fine Arts.