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Syndicate: T.elamonic E.legiac X.-T.ype [100# b-g.in]

[net] wurks.....workz.....whurr.kz.....[100# beginninz]

[they're all texte haz 2 go on]

Telamonic Elegiac X-Type
thizz time we sweat in2 a blank space, beginning 2 e[mail]volve in2
n-other, faces collapzed...[no lectronic tendrills allowed. no filtahs
onne. the real timer leans against the shed, her heart pumpin as she cs it,
a wound 2 big, to bloody, ah.........]

viscera, vis[urly]couz, viciouz............

[reelin in ah time ah.lur[ch]t]

++mi mouth speex wurdz 2 otherz, mouthz that is, ears withdrawn in2 ah
snailz placing, color drained into a precise like caul

....["the blood!"]....

++bi ah animus savaged, the bac end chewed away bi n-other, blood drenchez
n shit fallz 2wardz gravitee, my eyez slapped with the s[h]ite of it,
..warm washingz re:quired, the animus brave N wiltin, i hold and cannot b
faulted, my curiousitee quenched, my courage manifest, my eyez sting...


[re:quired time spacings here 2 make u comfortable, ring that safety valve
N run 2 a white& b[l]ackwurd warm place, d-ni N d-fi]


eatin away at it

m-mag[ez]in the pain 

sparx ov it az it hitz N vice-holdz flesh

panic spurtin in2 grey

screamz ov alurtin p[ain N panic]rogrezz 

the attac[k]whore friskin a part corpse 

alive with the thrill ov it 

hairz n blood mixer 

overarcherz hear and re:spond

the attack.or caught N bashed 

blood cyclespillz with preyblood 

doorz 2 salv[ation]ez squashed.

data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              
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