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Syndicate: Call for abstracts/papers - Independent Art School Conference

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 17:34:50 +0100
From: Gillian Dyson <>
Subject: Re: Call for abstracts/papers - Independent Art School Conference.

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Call for Abstracts: For ëAn Independent Art Schoolí Conference.
Call for Papers: For ëThe New Hull School of Artí Website.
ëThe Modular course is the deification of surface learning.í
Professor Peter Fowler, JMU at the Liverpool Videopositive Student
Conference 2000.

The Question of Autonomous Art Schools

The New Hull School of Art is organising a conference which will be part of
Hull Time Based Arts International ROOT  2000 Festival (For more
information contact

Our Conference consists of; a day of talks and discussions (Wednesday 18th
Oct); a seminar between students (Thursday 19th Oct); independent talks and
an information centre throughout the festival weekend.

Place: Hull Time Based Arts, Hull.

The conference is intended to address issues regarding the threats and
opportunities facing Art Education today:

- Where is Higher Art Education going?
- Courses for students? or for management? (Government Requirements)
- Modularity (homogenisation)
- Is there a loss of integrity?
- Is there a need for Independent Art Schools?
- What can be learnt from precedent Alternative/Free art Schools
       (& in what way could an Art School be Independent now?)

The Conference will take on Formal, Improvised and Interventionist aspects.
We welcome abstracts from artists, lecturers, students, critics et al. We
will be putting up a website prior to the conference and request papers for

The aim of the Conference is to:

- Set the grounding for an Umbrella ëIndependent Art Schoolí consisting of
interested students, tutors and artists.
- Introduce issues (circulating within  academia) in a context inclusive of
- Inspire people to act against the current misguided actions of the
government and many Universities.
- Build up a network of contacts among a wide range of concerned
individuals and groups.
- Provide a forum for discussion.

The New Hull School of Art:

- Is simultaneously an action, a forum for discussion and an organisation
which actively contributes to maintaining the values of integrity within
Art Education.
- The New Hull School of Art will take on whichever form is most
appropriate for any given moment. In conjunction with Hull Time Based Arts
festival of Pranks and Interventions the New Hull School of Art will take
on the seemingly conventional form of a Conference.
- Seeks to promote the importance of students taking an interest and being
involved alongside academics, politicians and artists in discussions
surrounding matters so relevant to their own situation.
- Takes the position that many Art Students are Artists in their own right.
- Maintains its position against modularity, homogeneity and inappropriate
mismanagement, while wishing to take a broader stance and bring up issues
relevant to a large number of Art Colleges onto a more urgent political

Send your abstracts and/or papers to:
The New Hull School of Art c/o Pippa Koszerek, 1 Bishop Lane, Hull, HU1 1PA

Deadline for Conference abstracts: 1st September 2000

For any Info you can also contact us at:
(01482) 212 478 (Pippa) or 07775722888 (Esther)

Individuals involved in organising the Conference: Pippa Koszerek,
Esther Ainsworth, Espen Jensen

* The New Hull School of Art took the form of an actual Independent Art
School in November 1999 with students from The Hull School of Art
boycotting their own course (due to disputes with the University management
over modularity) and using the Red Gallery, Hull as their studio.
* It is at once an ongoing collaborative between a variety of individuals
and an art concept by Pippa Koszerek.


ROOT 2000 - International Festival of Live, Sound and New Media Art.
tricks pranks and interventions


October 20th - 22nd 2000
with extended exhibtion programme.


This year's ROOT festival takes place in October 2000 -  20th - 22nd. It
will centre at our premises - 'Time Base' - 42 High Street, Hull, but will
also happen at many sites around the city, including opportunites for
street intervention and club nights, as well as on-line activity and webcast.

The thematic develops a discourse between those art works which address
immediate political concerns through direct action / intervention, and
those which use the prank as a means of undermining the traditional
hierarchies of power (cultural, political, social).  Usually the act of
intervention outside the parameters of art is interpreted as the anti
-social direct action of the disenfranchised; at ROOT this is lauded!

ROOT questions a notion of citizenship, responsibility, outcome by drawing
upon the historic function of the joker as political lampoon, and social
deviant. These areas are explored in the context of flux and situationism
to present day, internet hackers and marketeers.

Performance and new media art immediately lend themselves to this agenda in
so much as the immediacy of the action is an intervention in the everyday,
and there is an economy of means, words, time - an immediacy of impact.
Installation and action occur both within the gallery frame, and are taken
out onto the street, into the bar, onto the net.

Contact HTBA for more info'.

ï Hull Time Based Arts ï
ï Timebase ï
ï 42 High Street ï Hull ï HU1 1PSï UK
t: +44 (0) 1482 216 446
f:+44 (0) 1482 589 952


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