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Syndicate: FW: Magazine on Women's Issues in Eastern Europe

From: "Malina, June A." <> (by way of wise secretariat
Date:  Wed, 12 Jul 2000 09:51:10 +0200
Subject: Magazine on Women's Issues in Eastern Europe

Good Morning,

The purpose of this email is to ask for your assistance in establishing a
magazine about women's issues and gender advocacy in Bulgaria, Romania,
Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Moldova, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia,
Albania, and Russia.  (These countries do not have the funds, nor the
expertise to each do a magazine individually, so they want to combine their

Since the fall of Communism more than 10 years ago women in Eastern Europe
have been struggling with the issues of establishing democracies, developing
market economies, and developing a free press.  They have also been
struggling with women's issues.

Current Situation
They have found a funder who will support this magazine, named Karat,
( <> )  for one year, but they
must succeed at getting paid subscribers and advertisers after that.  An NGO
(Non-Government Organization) in Bulgaria, WAD, Women's Alliance for
Development, has taken the
lead in developing Karat as a coalition magazine for all the Eastern
European countries.  They have excellent ideas for content, but after years
of Communism, they are not knowledgeable or experienced at the business
aspects of magazine publishing.  I have been asked to help them develop a
Business and Marketing Plan.

Who Am I?
I'm the promotion manager for the Superintendent of Documents Office.  I was
a volunteer in Bulgaria for three months three years ago and helped this
group and some other NGOs with promotion, strategic planning, and marketing

How You Can Help
I'm writing to ask for your assistance in providing information that can
help develop this new periodical. Would you be so kind to assist these women
in Eastern Europe in their efforts by providing the following information:

*       Would you tell me what software you use to manage your subscription

*       Do you make your subscriber lists available though rental or

*       What are your advertising rates?  And can you email your rate card
to me?

*       Do you pay your contributors?  If you do, how much do you pay them?

*       Would you be kind enough to send a copy of W I S E WOMEN'S NEWS to:

                        Poly Filipova/June Malina
                        WAD-Women's Alliance for Development
                    52, Neofit Rilski Street
                    1000 Sofia

        If you could send it via Air Mail - that would be a big help.

How can I thank you for your assistance?  Would you like to receive a copy
of Karat magazine - it is written in English - the only common language of
these highly educated women in Eastern Europe.  Please let me know what I
can do for you in exchange for your help.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

June Malina

June Malina, Promotion Manager
Superintendent of Documents Office
Announcing the availability of more than 13,000 official Government books
and 300 periodicals in paper and electronic formats,
published by the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the
Ph 202-512-1711, fx 202-512-1656, email

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