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Syndicate: some recent books on media / technology

The Digital Dialectic : New Essays on New Media (Leonardo Book)
by Peter Lunenfeld (Editor)
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262621371  Paperback - 320 pages (April 2000)

Technoromanticism : Digital Narrative, Holism, and the Romance of the
by Richard Coyne
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262032600  Hardcover - 408 pages (September 24, 1999)

The Robot in the Garden: Telerobotics and Telepistemology in the Age of
the Internet
by Ken Goldberg (Editor)
MIT Press; ISBN: 0262072033 Hardcover - 330 pages (March 20, 2000)

Robo sapiens Evolution of a New Species
by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio
ISBN 0-262-13382-2 240 pp., 29.95/£18.50 (cloth)

Minds, Machines and the Multiverse : The Quest for the Quantum Computer
by Julian Brown
Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0684814811 Hardcover

The Bit and the Pendulum: How the New Physics of Information is
Revolutionizing Science
by Tom Siegfried
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471321745 Hardcover - 288 p

Godel Meets Einstein : Time Travel in the Godel Universe
by Palle Yourgrau
Open Court Publishing Company; ISBN: 0812694082 Paperback - 253 p

Paradigms Regained : A Further Exploration of the Mysteries of Modern
by John L. Casti
William Morrow & Co; ISBN: 0688161154 Hardcover - 287 pages (March 2000)

Virtual Futures : Cyberotics, Technology and Post-Human Pragmatism
by Joan Broadhurst-Dixon (Editor), Eric J. Cassidy (Editor)
Routledge; ISBN: 0415133807 Paperback - 200 pages (March 1998)

Times of the Technoculture: From the Information Society to the Virtual
Life (Comedia)
by Kevin Robins, Frank Webster
Routledge (now part of TAYFR); ISBN: 0415161169 Paperback - 336 pages


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