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Syndicate: New Job opportunities at the Lux Centr

Date: 17 Jul 00 20:38:02 +0800
From: Michael <>

The Lux Centre for Film, Video + Digital Arts

The Lux is Britain?s leading, international centre for film, video and
digital arts delivering a vibrant exhibition programme, housing the largest
archive of artists? film and video in Europe and providing unrivalled
resources for production, distribution and education. The Lux is a
continually evolving organisation at the juncture of film and the visual
arts with a strong commitment to emerging media

After a highly successful 3 years as Cinema Programmer and Head of Press
and Marketing two of Lux?s finest team members are leaving to take up
positions at the British Film Institute. Helen De Witt our Cinema
Programmer is taking on the position of BFI Programme Manager and Lars
Drinkrow our Head of Press and Marketing is moving on to the post of
Marketing Manager for the London Film Festival. In view of these changes
the Lux is actively seeking to fill the following vacancies:

Cinema Curator (20-25K)
To programme the Lux Cinema and contribute to the exhibition policy of the
Lux Centre. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the Lux?s
artistic development at a crucial time in the developments of new
exhibition strategies and audiences. Candidates should have excellent
knowledge of independent film culture, understanding and interest in the
visual and digital arts and strong experience of curating and programming
events and venues.

Head of Press and Marketing (20-25k)
To direct the Lux?s press and marketing strategies in the field of visual
arts and cinema. This post will oversee the development of the Lux identity
and branding with particular emphasis on the development of on-line
marketing, sponsorship and audience development. This is a great
opportunity for a creative individual to impact on all aspects of the Lux?s
visibility and success.
Contact for a form and further details.

Deadline for receipt of applications: Monday 14 August 2000.

Many apologies for possible multiple postings.

Michael Maziere
Lux Centre
2-4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU

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