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Syndicate: HTBA job info

Hull Time Based Arts
Festival Assistant
(ROOT International Festival of Live, Sound and New Media Art).

HTBA is looking for a motivated, and dynamic person to join the ROOT
Festival team.

Applicants should have an interest in Art - especially new media and
live art. Be self motivated, self confident, approachable with a sense
of humour and energy. Have two years experience of devising and staging
public events or working within the arts sector. Have good planning
skills, work well under pressure, and enjoy working with people.

Job Title:  Festival Assistant
   (ROOT International Festival of Live, Sound and New Media Art).

Tenure:  A freelance, temporary position for approximately three months
(August    - November)  that may lead to a more permanent contract
subject to      funding.
   Hours to be negotiated with applicant.          Concentrated period
of work - October 1st - 31st, approx.

Salary:  £3500. inclusive fee.
   Hours / working days to be negotiated with applicant to an equivalent
of     2 days/ week.
   The applicant will be expected to work extended hours subject to
work     programme, work load and deadlines.

Reports to:  Artistic Project Coordinator / Director

Purpose of the job:

To assist the Artistic Project Coordinator, The Director, and the
Marketing Officer with general duties associated with the commissioning,
managing and delivery of an International Art Festival.

To be responsible for a number of essential aspects of the ROOT
International Festival programme. (festival dates 20th - 22nd October

Areas of responsibility will be varied, and very much governed by the
day to day needs of the festival, but will include:

? Arranging artists / visitors travel and accommodation, general ?meet
and greet?.
? Co-ordinating and managing the volunteer team: invigilation, front of
house etc.
? Conducting audience monitoring research and reporting back to the
Regional Arts    Board with the Artistic Project Coordinator.
? Arranging the provision of artists materials - including shopping /
arranging loans of    materials/ transportation etc.
? Liaising with student audience - including local and national group
? Liaising with festival sites and venues including Ferens Art Gallery,
EICH Gallery and   Hull Screen.
? Assisting marketing officer with distribution of local publicity
? Contribute to overall planning of the festival.
? Assist Artistic Project Co-ordiator with general administration for
the festival including    handling, technical bookings, transportation

Application procedure:
Please make a letter of application to Hull Time Based Arts outlining
your relevant interests and experience, and why you are attracted to
this job. Please include a CV and two referees.
(referees will not be contacted until an offer is made).
There is not an application form.
Successful short listed applicants will be asked to attend an informal
interview session at Timebase within the first two weeks of August.
The successful applicant will begin their work with HTBA as soon after
that date as is mutually possible.

All applications must be received by HTBA before July 31st 2000.

More information: on the ROOT festival and this job is available from
HTBA. Please phone / email to request more details. Thank you.

Applications and enquiries should be adressed to:

Katherine Jones
Administrative Assistant

Hull TIme Based Arts
42 High St

tel: 44(0) 1482 216 446

DEADLINE July 31st 2000

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