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Syndicate: moon radio

moon radio

Nottingham based digital arts groups Active Ingredient and trampoline launch
an experimental video, music and performance space on the internet.

Moon Radio provides an opportunity to transmit messages over the Internet,
through streamed live audio and video webcast. The project that is a space
for voices, a platform for new work and new ideas, which invites a global

Over the next few months, we will be developing a programme of live events
and on demand artists film and video. If you are interested in becoming
involved in the program in any way, please contact us at

Moon Radio is an opportunity to research the technology of streaming media,
and to look at what works on the internet, what doesn't, and to work towards
using the media in the way that works most effectively. We are looking for a
group of volunteers to view the broadcasts, through the site, and to
feedback responses to our test broadcasts.  There will be three test
broadcasts, taking place between now and september, the first being on 29th
February at 4pm (GMT).
If you would like to take part in the beta program, please contact us. You
will be sent details of how to take part and a questionnaire.

Visit the moon radio website at www.moonradio.co.uk

The project has been supported by the Arts Council of England and EMMI

Active Ingredient
AI Design
t.  0115 9526060
a.  Production Office 1
     Broadway, 14 - 18 Broad St
     Hockley, Nottingham NG1 3AL

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