Andreas Broeckmann on Fri, 25 Feb 2000 14:59:27 +0200

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Syndicate: ICES Mongolia calling

Subject: Via Mongolia
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 14:29:43 +0100

> Dear Madam/ Sir,
> I am writing to you from Mongolia (yes, that's Outer Mongolia) as the
> Director of the International Cultural Exchange Society (ICES) to request
> your assistance.
> ICES is a registered Mongolian NGO dedicated to building cross-cultural
> awareness on Mongolian arts and artists, both visual and performing, in
> other countries. Our main goal is to provide a free flow of arts
> information between Mongolia and the rest of the world, support Mongolian
> artists to travel, exhibit and perform abroad, and to bring foreign
> artists to Mongolia to join in our festivals, special programs and events,
> performances, exhibitions and residencies here.
> As you are no doubt aware, little is known internationally about the
> Mongolian arts scene. For 68 years, Mongolia was a communist country with
> very little contact with the world at large except the Soviet Union. This
> period ended in 1990, when the Mongolian people and government adopted
> democracy and a free-market economy, and threw its doors open to the rest
> of the world. It also heralded a new era for artistic freedom, which has
> been embraced with enthusiasm and vigour by Mongolian artists and
> performers.
> With the financial assistance of MFOS/Soros Foundation, ICES is
> establishing the first Cultural Information Resource Centre (CIRC) in
> Mongolia - an arts information resource centre which will feature a wide
> variety of publications on international arts in the form of books,
> magazines, videos, CDs, and tapes. ICES is also presently developing a
> website which will contain current information on Mongolian art, artists
> and cultural events. This work will be completed in the middle of 2000.
> The CIRC will be officially opened in late January 2000 and access to its
> resources will be available on a free-of-charge basis for all Mongolian
> and foreign artists and arts-interested people. It is in this area that I
> am seeking your assistance.
> As a non-profit organisation in a country with a developing economy, there
> are limited funds available for ICES to purchase information material for
> CIRC which will satisfy the thirst of Mongolian artists and residents for
> international arts news. I would therefore like to request your donation
> of any books, magazines, videos, CDs, tapes, brochures or pamphlets
> relating to your organisation that you have available. These can be sent
> to our postal address in Mongolia - ICES, CPO Box 432, Ulaanbaatar -13,
> Mongolia - and will be placed in the centre for public viewing.
> Your donation, no matter how large or small, will be truly very much
> appreciated by ICES, Mongolian artists and the arts-interested public in
> Mongolia. If you would like to know more about ICES, its activities, or
> discuss possible co-operation in arts exchange with Mongolia, please don't
> hesitate to contact me at
> Yours sincerely,
> Shagdarguntev Enkhbayar ("Enki")
> Director

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