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Syndicate: Michel Piccoli - tonight in Slovenska kinoteka


We would like to inform you that the French actors Michel Piccoli
and Domique Blanc will be in Ljubljana today and tomorrow. 
This visit is being organised by the Institut Francais Charles

On this occassion the Slovenian Cinematheque screens TONIGHT (Friday
February 25th) at 10pm the film ATLANTIC CITY (dir. by Louis Malle).
After the screening Michel Piccoli will be available for your

The entrance for the screening is free.

Hoping to meet you tonight.

Koen Van Daele
Koen Van Daele
Program coordinator D-Day: Dan za dokumentarec
Miklosiceva 28 - 1000 Ljubljana - Slovenia
phone: -386-61/329.184
fax: -386-61/13.23.092
email: Koen.VanDaele@guest.arnes.si
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