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Syndicate: Online Art Museum Sweatshops: Berkeley Art Museum


The work of over 125 pandering online artist-victims will be presented
as part of:

CRASH: An International Conference of Blabbering Incestuous Artworld
Acolytes at the Berkeley Art Museum (February, 2000)

<-- http://bbrace.laughingsquid.net/blabbering-cronies.html -->

Cultural identity, in the deepest sense, is all about open, intrinsic
value. The institutionalized culture is never a means but always an
end. Cultural resources, rituals, and activities are valued in and of
themselves. They are not things that can be reduced to quantifiable

Culture, then, exists in sharp contrast to the institutional sphere,
in which all phenomena is reduced to utility, and expropriation and
expediency become the accepted artworld norms.


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