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Syndicate: from New Academy Of Fine Arts/SPb/Ru

Dear Friends,
New Academy Of Fine Arts in Sankt-Petersburg/Ru
 presents an exhibition "MAGAZIN"
in The State Museum Of Political History Of Russia:

           "ARTWILL /Hudozestvennaya volya"
             ( 100 years of war in art)
The  exhibition of flags, trophies, relics and cartoons
Welcome  to 16.00, Friday, 18.02.2000

Filmstudia "Artwill / Hudozestvennaya volya"
Welcome you to a primier of video:
"The Red Square Or Golden Section"
( "Krasnyi kvadrat ili Zolotoye sechenie")
at 15.00, Friday, 18.02.2000

address: Sankt-Petersburg/ ru, ul.Kuibysheva, 2
               (Kseshinsky's house, The State Museum Of Russian
                Political History)

Timur Novikov, a president of New Academy Of Fine Arts
e.mail: timypy@hotmail.com

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